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What NOT To Do When Planning Your Confinement Diet

What Not To Do When Planning Your Confinement Diet - Tian Wei Signature

As a mother who has just given birth, your confinement period is a time of rest and healing. That’s why a proper diet is important during this particular period.  Traditional confinement food encourages the consumption of ‘heaty’ foods, particularly ginger.…

Why pig trotters during confinement ?

Pig trotters during confinement

Postnatal confinement is a traditional practice of rest and recuperation that mothers have observed for centuries. Throughout the world, post-natal confinement is seen as an important part of the recovery process after giving birth. In many cultures, food plays an…

Foods To Avoid After Abortion

Foods To Avoid After Abortion - Tian Wei Confinement

  On top of having a well-balanced and nutritious diet, avoiding certain foods and taking care of your mental health are essential in supporting your post-abortion recovery. This guide suggests a basic direction that you can follow. Among the things…