5 Herbs to Add to Your Confinement Meal Recipes

5 herbs to add to your confinement meal recipes

There may be a lot of things going through your head in regards to your postnatal recovery phase, and one of them being your health and with it comes the postpartum meals. You may consider adding in a bunch of herbs into your daily confinement meal recipes, but how do you find the right and best herbs for confinement?

If you are not familiar with herbs in the first place, it can be easy to be at loss and have no idea where to begin. In actuality, there are a lot of common herbs that you can easily find within one stop at the next door herbal store. With that, here are five best herbs that will greatly help you in your postnatal journey!

1) Jujube

Chinese Red Dates

Jujube, also known as Chinese red dates, normally come in three forms, namely fresh, dried, and sweetened. You can have the fresh ones that carry strong Vitamin C punch, but dried jujubes are more commonly found in soup and congee. Jujube contains plenty of vitamin A, B1, B2, protein, calcium, iron, magnesium, and more – endless benefits for a new mother in the process of recovering. 

Jujube, paired with several other herbs, is often prepared as a nourishing tea to replenish the necessary nutrients and revitalise blood that you have lost during delivery. This would be extremely great for a postpartum, post-surgery, or even post-menstruation mother as you will continue to discharge lochia (a mix of blood, mucus, and tissues from the uterus) after giving birth. After all, jujube tea is pretty much the ultimate confinement beverage!   

2) Ginger

This is a particularly famous ingredient among new mothers who are healing from childbirth as it carries the heaty properties mothers would seek in their foods. Most moms prefer to stay in the warm to avoid catching a chill or getting ‘wind’ which are believed to cause bloating and weakened joints. For that very reason, ginger is widely favoured by moms, as we are sure you would come to agree, too. 

The best thing about ginger is that it is recognised as a galactagogue. If you are not familiar with the term, galactagogues are the types of food or drug that can promote or stimulate the production of breast milk. This means that consuming this herb can, to some extent, ease you in nursing your newborn. While the results vary from one mother to another, the hint of delicious spicy or peppery flavour sure makes ginger worth giving it a try!

3) Motherwort

The name says it all! Known to help in improving heart health, motherwort is pretty much unbeatable as a cardiovascular tonic that can help improve and maintain a new mother’s health. Rather than being good only for a new mother, this herb is also mainly known to be one of the essentials for all women. 

Motherwort acts as a uterine tonic that can help to regulate menstruation. After carrying your baby for months and now having to rest in bed most of the time, there may be inadequate circulation around your pelvis. This herb can help improve the blood flow and thus reducing any discomfort or cramps caused by it.    

4) Longan

We’ve briefly mention the jujube tea or the red date longan tea just now. For this drink, red dates and longan are like a match made in heaven. The drink is complete with both. Mothers are generally advised to consume this during confinement whether to increase fluid intake or promote birth recovery internally. 

Red Dates Longan Tea

Longan contains minerals like iron, magnesium, and potassium. It also contains a rich amount of Vitamin C that is equal to 80% of the daily requirement. With its antioxidant properties, Vitamin C can greatly help in the growth, development, and repairing of all body tissues – basically revitalising your body’s damaged skin cells. 

Plus, it is a widely known fact that vitamin C can improve your skin condition. Due to the hormonal fluctuations and increased androgen production that take place throughout pregnancy, some mothers may experience breakouts which, if not tended to properly, can result in scarrings afterwards. It certainly is not helping that you may have to put a pause on certain facial treatments like chemical peeling or the use of certain ingredients during pregnancy to prevent any side effects. Thus, piling up on ingredients rich in vitamin C can do wonders for both your recovery and skin improvement.  

5) Goji Berries

A herb packed with an abundance of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Antioxidants are mainly consumed for their immune-boosting qualities and ability to fight inflammation. For a new mother who has just given birth or is currently nursing, you are prone to various risks of inflammations. Therefore, including goji berries in your drink or food is a good first step to preventing it.

Goji berry also contains large amounts of vitamins A and C. If your skin condition worsens after the pregnancy, goji berry can promote healthy skin by reducing skin irritation and managing the impacts of the sun and ageing. Most importantly, goji berry can improve your emotional state and treats anxiety, which eventually promotes better night’s sleep.     

We hope this list will greatly help you in planning up your traditional Chinese confinement food recipes. If you do not want to go through the hassle of meticulously preparing confinement meals and herbal remedies, leave it to the hands of the experts with plenty of knowledge and cooking skills. This way, you will not have to stick to only one or two cooking styles to add in the herbs. 

If you are not getting a personal helper like a confinement nanny, you may opt for confinement meal delivery service. Browse through the menu to make sure that it contains a variety of herbal ingredients whether in their main dishes, soups, or drinks. Need a reference? Just view Tian Wei Signature’s menu!