5 Unhealthy Habits New Moms Should Stop Doing

5 Unhealthy Habits New Moms Should Stop Doing - Tian Wei Confinement

So, you’ve just given birth to a little miracle, and you’re amped about getting your old physique back. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, it can have quite negative effects on you depending on how you go about it. Because sometimes, it could lead to unhealthy habits without you realising it. Noticing how you are treating yourself and knowing when to snap out of something unhealthy that is bringing more harm than good can be the ultimate boost to your experience in motherhood.

Not sure if what you’re doing falls into this category? Here are 5 unhealthy habits that many new mothers find themselves falling into and should definitely stop doing.


Perhaps you’ve seen celebrities successfully slimming down to their old bodies or being in even better shape in just a short period after delivery, and you want that too. And when you see that you’re not getting the same results, you do your best to cut down on your food intake, eating less than you should. It is important to understand that this can put your body in jeopardy, and that celebrities are able to do so because they have professionals and experts by their side like nutritionists, dieticians, and exercise coaches. So, you should not blindly follow suit.

Calorie restriction after giving birth is harmful to recovery. Instead of getting your ideal body now, what you’re doing is limiting the nutrients and energy your body needs. Without proper and sufficient nutrition, your body isn’t able to replenish what it has lost, faces a bigger hurdle of getting additional dietary requirements, and won’t have the energy to take care of you or your little one.

One of the most common diet misconceptions is that carbohydrates are what causes weight gain. So many people look to low carb diets. A popular diet that has been on-trend for the past few years is the ketogenic diet which is low carb and high fat. Being on a ketogenic diet or calorie-restricted diet may put you at higher risk of ketoacidosis which is a dangerous condition and can be life-threatening for the mother.

Eating balanced and healthy meals will help to support your nutritional stores, immune system, and optimal body functions. The better you eat, the better nutrition your child receives too. Paired with a healthy lifestyle while breastfeeding, you will be able to lose weight healthily when your body and you are ready to.

Negative-self talk

After childbirth, a new mum would want to give herself up for her child. When she feels like she’s not doing a good job, she may start putting herself down for not being a good enough mother and compare herself with other maternal figures. She may start negatively talking to or about herself regarding many things that are out of her control like body image or weight gain from pregnancy. This adversely affects her mental well-being and self-esteem.

Many aspects of this could be related to postpartum depression. This 2020 study explains that lowered self-esteem aggravates depression which then leads to negative self-perception. New mothers need time to adjust to their new responsibilities while recovering physically and rebalancing their emotions and mental state, making post-pregnancy quite a challenging time. Unfortunately, social media is also one of the causes of unrealistic expectations among new mothers about motherhood and recovery during postpartum. So, they should take it easy on themselves and find people who can be there to give positive reinforcements and be supportive.

It is important for mothers to set some time for themselves. Whether it’s needing extra help to take care of your child because you feel clueless, doing house chores, wanting to work out to be alone and get some free space or feeling overwhelmed with preparing meals, discuss with your partner and do not be afraid to seek help professionally, your friends or family. Make steps to take care of yourself too and not just your baby. A happy mother will in turn be a better mother for her child.

Tracking every munch

Wanting to lose all that belly gain from pregnancy can be a stressful endeavour and one may opt to count calories in hopes that it will reduce cravings and get you that slim figure you once had. However, the stress you get from this may actually increase your cravings.

In addition, calorie counting plays a hand in eating disorders, as shown in this limited study. The more you punish yourself for responding to those cravings or even hunger, the more it is going to take a toll on your body. Rather than intensely controlling your food intake, you should be having sumptuous and nourishing meals every day. Confinement delivery Singapore makes the process easier as you won’t need to prepare the ingredients or cook for yourself.

Exercising to justify every bite

Mom doing exercise - Tian Wei Confinement
Mom doing exercise – Tian Wei Confinement

Exercise is highly recommended for everyone, whether it is before, during, or after pregnancy. It is usually done for reasons like wanting to gain energy, trying to relieve stress, or hoping to lose weight. That being said, the duration, repetitions, and type of exercise should be in moderation or according to your usual exercise routine, and not so zealously done in order to combat whatever you put in your mouth.

Exercising aggressively too soon or not having enough rest in between workouts can be detrimental to your body. After delivery, it is normal for there to be bleeding, or lochia, which is discharge from the uterus. If you exercise too soon, there is increased blood flow throughout your body and the uterus receives a lot of it, especially now that it is bigger in size, leading to heavier bleeding. You would not want that, since there already has been a huge loss of blood during the birthing process. It would be best to refer to your doctor to know how much, how long, and when you should be exercising instead of focusing on the physical ideals you may have.

Feeling guilty when you put yourself first

As a new mum, you want the best for your baby, to be there whenever he or she needs you, to provide everything your child needs. Sometimes, new mothers set too high an expectation for themselves and feel bad when they do less than what they think is expected of them or guilty for wanting to step away from that idealism even for a while.

Learning how to take a step back and seeing yourself as equally important as your baby can be difficult, especially when you’re a new mum and are still learning the ropes. Know that you have the right to pamper yourself and set some boundaries. If you’re not ready for visitors, don’t have them. If you want a postnatal massage, go for it! There is nothing wrong with saying yes to yourself. You need the best for you to be the best for your baby.

After reading about those 5 unhealthy habits, do you now know what you should be doing? You should be giving yourself a big pat on the back for having pushed a human out of you and for doing your best for your child. You should be appreciating yourself more and treating yourself well, especially during confinement, which is when your body is at its weakest after childbirth. This is when you should be consuming healthy and nutritious food, and you can order that here at Tian Wei Signature.

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