I had an episode of massive bleeding due to fibroids issues and would need to go for an op. However i was ultra low in blood and iron level thus my doc ordered me to eat confinement meals to help nourish my body.

I’m glad that I chose tian wei signature for confinement food as they helped to customize some of my meals for me to be rich in iron and also meals for less herb(as doc advised to avoid some chinese herbs) Also, they are very flexible in spreading out the weeks that I needed the food to be delivered. They also have very good customer service and are very quick in response.

Additionally, the delivery man that delivers all my meals are super friendly, on time and kind!

Needless to say, their food is super awesome and i enjoy every meal. Especially this pork vinegar.

Strongly reccomend this to all!

#confinmentfood #tianweisignature