A Guide to Confinement Food Delivery in Singapore 2022: Traditional Chinese and Fusion Confinement Food

Confinement Food Delivery in Singapore 2022

Postpartum healing requires proper nutrition. After all, restoring your strength is the greatest way to be the best mother to your baby, whether you delivered vaginally or by Caesarean section. While caring for a baby, it may be difficult to plan, purchase for, and make nutritious meals, so why not invest in a confinement food delivery service instead?

Regardless of how lengthy your confinement time is, hiring a service that provides confinement cuisine in Singapore may truly take the strain off new mothers, allowing you to obtain all the nutrients you need (some confinement meals are even intended to assist establish breastfeeding production!).

Having this service will allow you to devote your full focus to your new baby while you adjust to motherhood. Looking for confinement meal delivery in fusion and traditional Chinese cuisines

So, why do you actually need one?

Confinement Food

“Wind”. The age-old culprit that traditional Chinese confinement procedures have worked hard to keep away from healing moms. Chinese confinement practices and diets include many things, from having meals that integrate components like ginger to wine and sesame oil, but simplicity isn’t one of the things incorporated.

When you are a mother in confinement, you will notice that there are several things that will compete for your attention. This is in addition to the necessity to recover after the difficult pregnancy and delivery.

During this time, cooking your own food may be difficult and time consuming. Previously, many women relied on a family member to cook for them, but there is now a simpler and more convenient option – you may use a confinement meal delivery service (or sometimes called confinement food tingkat service).

What benefits can having this service get you?


Having a Balanced Diet

For moms who are recuperating and mending, a well-balanced diet is crucial. This indicates that your diet should include all of the food pyramid’s components, such as carbohydrates from grains, fruits and vegetables, proteins, and a little quantity of oils and fats.

It’s also important to think about how the food is prepared and cooked. Less deep fried cooking methods and more healthier cooking methods like steamed, braised, or stewed are preferred as lesser oils are used. Soups that are double boiled  is a gentler cooking method where the food structure is minimally affected. 

Convenient and Saves Time

Caring for a newborn will need a large amount of time and attention. This also necessitates feeding and changing your child every couple of hours.

When mealtimes approach, it will be such a comfort and convenience to have a hot meal ready for you. This is because you will not have to focus on meal preparations in addition to your obligations as a mother.

Having your meals brought to you allows you to spend more time with yourself and relax. Whether you gave birth vaginally or by caesarean section, rest is vital during the recovery period.

Promotes Lactation

A well-planned confinement diet helps a mother nourish herself as she nourishes her baby with her breast milk. Although a variety of factors influence milk production; the foods you consume during nursing can assist to optimise breastfeeding especially in breast milk quality. 

Eating well helps to ensure nutrients that are affected by maternal intakes to be adequate in her breast milk.

Breastfeeding-inducing foods have long been used to stimulate lactation in various cultures. Tian Wei Signature’s confinement menu now includes traditional lactogenic ingredients such as fenugreek, green papaya, garlic, and ginger. This can aid you in your breastfeeding journey.

Less Stress and More Time For Your Baby

Your confinement period should be spent bonding with your newborn kid as well as to heal. This is sometimes easier said than done, especially when you have to juggle all of your everyday obligations while caring for your child and yourself.

When you arrange for confinement meal delivery, you can cross another item off your to-do list. Since you won’t have to worry about your meals, you’ll have more time to focus on your child and yourself.

Bonding with your kid by just spending time with them will greatly enhance both your mental health and your infant’s growth.

Promotes Healing and Recovery

In order for your body to recuperate from delivery, it is vital that your immune system functions at its best. This means consuming adequate protein and a variety of immune-boosting fruits and vegetables is vital.

A few of the nutrients that can help your immune system include vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, iron, folate, and protein. With the assistance of a dietitian, you may enjoy a meal chock full of immune system boosting properties that can hasten your recuperation.

At this point, let’s go through at what to look for in a confinement food delivery service:

1. Food

This has to go without saying. The food that you eat has to be delicious and well-balanced with lactogenic ingredients and even a lactation drink thrown in for added measure to help support you in your breastfeeding.

2. Delivery

Now, considering that we are talking about delivery services, it should be a no-brainer to have the food delivered to your doorstep and delivered hot! There’s nothing worse than having to eat cold food…well, there are worse things going on in the world, but you get our point.

3. Plans

You’re a busy person, but that does not mean that you’ll want food delivered every day. Perhaps on the weekends, you’d want to try your hand at cooking up some of those lactation meals for yourself? All the more power to you! What you want to be looking for here is a service provider who will be flexible with delivery schedules and their meal plan packages. Perhaps you won’t be in tomorrow because of some urgent meeting at the office? No issue, just ring them up and let them know you won’t be needing the meal that day and they’ll reinstate it to another day in your original package.

4. Packaging

Speaking of package, how is the package? What we mean by this is how do they pack the food? Do they use eco-friendly biodegradable packaging? Do they provide thermal flasks to keep soups and drinks warm? If they don’t use biodegradable packaging, how about chemicals; heat and plastics do not go well together and can even be harmful to you.

5. Got freebies ah?

Finally, no negotiation/bargaining/deal is ever complete without one side asking for freebies. However, do take note that we have placed this criterion as one of the last things we look for when considering a confinement meal delivery service, it won’t hurt their chances if they do decide to provide free products and services that can make motherhood easier for you.

Closing words

Confinement Food Delivery

Now, what do you have to do? Well, we’d advise you to stop looking any further for confinement food catering services and head on over to our website to browse our confinement food delivery Singapore mummies love! If you are interested, feel free to drop us a call at +65 6360 1000 today. Similarly, you could sign up for our confinement food Chinese traditional cuisines or even for the fusion ones from our site. We look forward to serving you!

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