Benefits of Chicken Soup During Pregnancy

Chicken Soup During Pregnancy

The concerns about antibiotics in chicken are real for many of us. Thus, some may feel that having free-range or organic chicken would be better or “healthier” for themselves and their family. 

Fortunately, the Singapore Food Agency performs regular testing on all types of chicken that are imported and sold on our supermarket shelves. 

All of the chickens you see have antibiotic levels way below the minimum threshold, thus safe for consumption for all consumers. 

Despite many claims on certain types of chicken to have lower fat or cholesterol, the nutritional formulation between the regular broiler chickens compared to the other types of chicken like organic, free range and kampung chicken are similar. There were no significant differences found. 

In terms of suitability of different cooking methods, the taste and texture of the chicken may differ slightly from one to another. 

If you’re thinking about the difference between fresh or frozen chicken, is there any difference? Again, the nutritional formulation is similar and has no significant difference. 

However, fresh chicken is normally most preferred as it is best for all types of cooking methods as the moisture and juiciness is retained better in different types of cooking as compared to frozen chicken. 

Nevertheless, chicken soup has probably been a holy grail for many to have when they are feeling unwell. 

Interestingly, both in western and eastern perspectives have a similar stance on chicken soup. It is something nice to have when they are under the weather. So let’s look at the benefits of chicken soup during pregnancy!

Source of Protein & Haem Iron

Chicken is a type of “white meat”.It is a good source of protein, vitamin B12 and iron. All of which are essential in wound healing and muscle building. 

As chicken contains haem iron, the bioavailability of iron is better than your green leafy vegetables based counterparts like spinach, kai lan, bok choy and amaranth. 

Generally plant-based source iron is non-haem iron which has lower bioavailability and needs to be paired with something else that is rich in Vitamin C to increase absorption into our body.

Comforting food

Regardless of whatever chicken you’re gonna use, chicken soup is hands down one of the most comforting soups we can have. It’s just warming overall and who wouldn’t enjoy a bowl of delicious soup? 

Whether you are feeling under the weather or in a good mood, chicken soup is always lovely to have any time of the day and especially beautiful during the rainy seasons, especially at the end of the year here in Singapore.


If you enjoy chicken soup, it is a great way to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day! Depending on how long these chicken soups have been boiled, they would contain some amino acids and minerals that are great in helping to replenish electrolytes too, especially in free iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium. 

Potentially Nausea Combating

Besides that, chicken soups with ginger particularly can be a great option for mothers during the first trimester of pregnancy who may be experiencing nausea often. 

It is known that ginger helps to reduce nausea in women with morning sickness during pregnancy. 

Having some chicken soup with ginger helps to not only alleviate nausea but also replace any electrolytes and hydration lost from vomiting episodes. 

Such a soup can be nourishing and helpful to improve appetite in mothers during meal times. 

Easily made into a balanced and nourishing meal

We all know how tiring being pregnant can be. Our energy levels can be really low on some days and preparing a healthy and balanced meal can be challenging.

Depending on recipes, chicken soups can be served as a hearty and warm meal. It’s something you can throw into the pot to boil for hours and can be easily paired with some vegetables for some fibre and additional antioxidants. 

Some common vegetables used are carrots, turnips, mushrooms, celery and so much more. There are endless ways to make your chicken soups balanced and nutritionally dense for you, especially on days you may not have a good appetite during pregnancy. You can easily pair your chicken soup with some potatoes, macaroni, noodles, rice or even bread!

Herbal chicken soups are traditional tonics

Depending on how knowledgeable you are in Traditional Chinese Medicine, you could whip up a pretty good herbal chicken soup at home too. 

Depending on recipes, traditional chicken soups in general are known to traditionally help to tonify the internal organs and improve Qi. 

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is important for a mother’s qi, blood and energy to all be in harmony in order to have a smooth pregnancy. 

Nevertheless, it’s always good to speak to your general practitioner and a legitimate traditional Chinese physician about suitable herbs you can have during pregnancy if you are keen to do so. 

It is best to avoid those that will not interact with other medications or supplements. Safety in mothers during pregnancy is most important. 

Closing words

Herbal chicken soups

All in all, when looking up soups that are good for pregnant women, herbal chicken soup for pregnancy is always a good choice! Pairing it with complex carbohydrates and vegetables makes it a great meal anytime! Similarly, during confinement, warm and hearty chicken soups can be really great during your recovery! Case in point, here’s one popular fan favourite (and is usually searched with the keywords – “black chicken soup pregnancy”…admit it, you’ve probably searched it once or twice yourself):

Black Chicken Soup

We’ve seen this rather interesting dish and ingredient before. Well, you most certainly can’t unsee a wholly black chicken, now can you?

Nevertheless, Black Chicken Soup will be one of the usual suspects whenever the topic of confinement soups is brought about. This particular hearty soup is a good source of protein and iron, and, in general, chicken soup has a certain anti-inflammatory quality about it.

Yes, indeed, our black chicken soup is a favourite of the mothers we serve! It is included in our confinement food menu which will be sent hot and fresh to your doorstep – just like it came out of your kitchen. 

So, if you are interested in experiencing our black chicken soup benefits for yourself or just want to learn about our traditional Sheng Hua Soup for confinement, then feel free to drop by the Tian Wei Signature homepage to check out our menu today!

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