Benefits of Confinement Meal Delivery Service

Benefits of Confinement Meal Delivery Service - Tian Wei Confinement

No matter what we are trying to do or achieve, planning is often the hardest first step to take. There are various things to take into account than simply just listing down what you want to do. You have to consider alternatives to what you lay down as plans, challenges that you may have to face, as well as the goals you expect to achieve at the end of the plan.

But of course, when things go as planned, it is such a satisfaction! For an expectant or new mother, you may think your life completely revolves around your child at this point, but this is not how it should be at all. You have to prioritise yourself as well. But how does one do that? Through getting proper rest and feeding yourself well. After birth, your nutritional requirements would greatly increase – not only because you have been through childbirth but also because you are now the sole provider of nutrition for your little one. So how do you ensure your nutritional needs are properly taken care of? Through an ideal confinement meal planning, of course!

Are you a mummy-to-be looking for the best confinement meal plan that meets your every need? Here is some suggestion. Most of the confinement food delivery service providers in Singapore is focused on Chinese confinement recipes. To fit the customer needs in the market, the traditional way of confinement meals and rules are not usually fully applied for the modern mummies nowadays.

The traditional meal has typical ingredients such as red dates, ginger, vinegar etc. The Chinese believe the herbs and those ingredients will help to dispel winds and restore mummies’ body condition. Not sure what kind of confinement herbal package to look for? We’ll make it easy for you! We incorporate various herbs into our meals and drinks to ensure you get to reap the maximum health benefits of them.

Confinement Food Menu in Singapore

There are various menu options offered across different confinement food delivery service provider in Singapore. The traditional Chinese confinement dishes such as red fermented wine chicken and braised pork trotter in black vinegar are some popular option for confinement mummies. Most of the traditional dishes are made with various herbs to increase the heaty properties of the dishes, keeping new mothers warm and helping with bowel movement.

To ensure mummies have the right ingredients and balanced diet in their confinement period, service provider mostly prepared their signature unique menu beside than the traditional herbal confinement menu. Vegan confinement menu, halal-certified confinement menu, and fusion confinement menu adding the Mediterrium and Japan flavour are also some other option for mummies looking for diversification and nutrition.  

Confinement Food Menu - Tian Wei Confinement
Confinement Food Menu – Tian Wei Confinement

Ideal Menu for a Breastfeeding Mom

The meals also carefully designed to suit the needs of the newborn’s mother, such as including papaya fish soup and steam okra with conpoy in our meals to boost the quality and quantity of mother’s breast milk.

Nursing moms are more prone to experiencing thirst, fatigue, and dehydration since they are supplying milk to baby and uses up a lot of energy for it. Understanding the importance of liquid intake, we include 1 litre of red dates tea with every meal. We also have over 40 types of nourishing soups you can look forward to!

Cost Saving Option

Pregnancy and expecting your baby can already cost you quite a fortune. At this point, most parents would want to save up and only spend on important things — and your postnatal care should be one of them!

Although confinement nanny is another popular option, customer nowadays is more willing to have the confinement meal delivery service as a more budget-friendly option. Confinement Nanny will usually cost around $3000 for 28 days confinement period, the same duration confinement food delivery service for both lunch and dinner will take around $2000 from the budget.


With the convenience of delivering door-to-door confinement meals with the well-designed menu on wallet-friendly price, confinement meal delivery service is a popular option for newborn’s mummies and daddies.

The booking process is made easy as well as you could place it over the phone or just with one click on our website! After your meal, our customer service will reach you to know how you feel about our meals so far and if you would like for anything to change. 

If you can’t decide who you should go with, Tian Wei Signature also provide Signature Trial for mummies who can’t decide and wondering the taste of confinement meal. Why don’t have a try today and book your postnatal confinement food delivery service today!

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