Best Foods to Speed Up Postpartum Recovery

Best Foods to Speed Up Postpartum Recovery

Have you ever wondered why for some mothers it is so easy for them to ‘bounce back’ after birth, meanwhile for others, it is not as easy? There could be a lot of factors, but just like maintaining your health and body condition, it can also largely depend on your diet! But that must be hard to do, right? Obtaining the right postpartum confinement food can be difficult? Well, not really!

The truth is, planning your diet is the easiest and most effective way to boost your birth recovery. Other options such as exercising daily may not be feasible since many working or stay-at-home moms tend to be swarmed with other daily routines from the start of the day until the end. Plus, in confinement, you would spend most of the time resting in bed.

So, getting back to the topic at hand, how long do new mothers generally take to heal properly after giving birth? Some may take weeks, while others take months. In order to speed up your recovery, one effective way you can take is by carefully planning what to eat for your postpartum recovery meals. But we don’t mean you have to cut down every single thing and restrict yourself to only about 1,000 calories per day. That is just unhealthy. 

Instead of cutting anything down from your daily meals, focus on incorporating more of the ‘right’ food in them to ensure you are following a balanced diet that contains everything you need to recover faster and properly.

On that note, here are some foods you can have during confinement to help you recover smoothly! These are your everyday food so you do not have to go out of your way to find them.

Chicken Soup

Chicken Soup

Nothing better like a bowl of aromatic hot chicken soup during recovery! It is almost considered the signature comfort food for anyone who is healing from something. Chicken, along with pork, is considered the best meats for new mothers. 

When made into soup, chicken will not be too spicy and is easy on the stomach. To adjust chicken soup so new moms can enjoy it better, you can add ingredients like garlic, onion, and ginger – all which are considered as ingredients with heaty properties. 

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Nuts, especially raw almonds, are healthy snack that is full of protein and calcium. According to your preference, you can consume them raw or blend to be added into milk. Remember, it is better for you to stick with dairy-free products during this time if you breastfeed! 

Nuts are generally high in iron, which means they can greatly improve blood circulation and help with lochia discharge. Lastly, nuts are believed to be able to increase the creaminess, sweetness, and amount of your breast milk. This, in turn, will encourage your newborn to latch on longer, and thus helps treat issues like breast engorgement.


The best thing about eggs is that it is one of the most flexible food out there! You can have it any way you like; poached, fried (although avoiding this would highly be in your favor), fully boiled, and others. Eggs are a great source of protein that can help repair and strengthen your body tissues. It is a great food that you can have at any time of the day, from morning to evening.

Blanched Spinach 

Spinach is one of the most highly-recommended vegetables for new moms as it is a true nutrient powerhouse. It is low in calories while at the same time rich in vitamins and minerals. More importantly, it is a source of fiber which will make you feel full and satisfied. If you are not a fan of the general taste of vegetables, go for baby spinach as they are tender and taste slightly sweeter. For more variety on how to take this, some people love adding spinach as one of the key ingredients for a healthy smoothie.

Brown Rice

Whatever you do, do not completely avoid carb during this critical time. If you want to, replace carbs like white rice with other substitutes like brown rice or quinoa to keep your energy levels up. Do not worry too much about losing your water weight and instead, focus on gaining energy. This way, you can have more strength to tend to your baby and perform exercises later on – in which you can then progress to lose weight.

Looking up food for new mom can be confusing as you may come across lists that contradict one another. The truth is, there is no list that is perfect for all new mothers. You have to analyse yourself and figure out what would be your biggest problem and what are your main goals. 

For example, if you are concerned about the strength of your womb and your main goal is to lose weight. Based on this observation and objective, you can decide what to include in your meals. Eat more food that is high in fibre so you can prevent constipation to not worsen the condition of your womb. To not gain weight, you may alter your daily carb intake. The point is, you simply have to find what is right for you!

Best Confinement Foods for You and Your Newborn
Best Confinement Foods for You and Your Newborn

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