Best Postpartum Food for Weight Loss

Best Postpartum Food for Weight Loss

The day is Saturday, you are resting in bed during your confinement and you are hungry. Wouldn’t it be great to have something savoury or sweet to fulfil your cravings? However, just like every new mothers out there, you may also be eager to get back to your pre-pregnancy figure soon. Hence, your thought about having your favourite snacks left as quickly as it came. The good news is, a healthy diet that helps with postpartum weight loss doesn’t necessarily mean that it is not tasty. Sometimes, all it takes is just a little tweak here and there.

With enough patience and dedication, these healthy tips can help you lose weight. Start your postpartum weight loss routine with them!

Eat More Fruits and Vegetables   

A well-balanced confinement diet postpartum moms will benefit from is one that includes sufficient amounts of fruits and vegetables. It is highly recommended that you have two servings of vegetables and two servings of fruits in your daily diet. They are good for mothers in confinements and make for tasty meals too! Moreover, fruits and vegetables are known to be rich in fibers which is able to provide bulk and early satiety in our meals yet lower in calories! 

Thus, ensuring adequate intake of your fruits and vegetables will prevent excessive intake of other high calories foods and promote weight loss after pregnancy. Furthermore, this choice of diet would help you combat chronic diseases such as heart attack and stroke. Consuming different colours of fruits and vegetables also gives you different health benefits. Based on several studies, these health benefits include reducing risk against certain types of cancers and promoting good gut health. Not too shabby right?

Having Healthy Snacks at Bay

All of us have a stash of snacks at home we dive into when we just want something to nibble in between meals. Blame it on boredom or genuine hunger, we are all humans and there’s nothing wrong with taking a small snack in between meals. What’s more important is the choice of snacks you have at home. Choose a serving of fruit, a cup of low fat yoghurt, a glass of reduced sugar soy milk, a glass of low fat milk or a handful of assorted nuts! A few squares of dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate are not off limits too! Your options are endless, so limit those chips, candy bars and sugary drinks that will be much higher in empty calories for every serving you take.

Choosing Foods Cooked with Healthier Method

In order to achieve a healthy postpartum weight loss, you should consider foods that are prepared or cooked with a healthier method. Some of these healthier cooking methods include, stewed, braised, steamed, boiled and baked. Plus, these methods use lesser oil in preparing food, which would result in lesser calories. That said, it should be noted that having your cravings satisfied for a fried chicken (deep fried foods) once in a while is not a crime. Just be aware of how often you’re eating these kinds of foods in a week. One meal isn’t going to ruin your whole weight loss journey!

Diet and Exercise

After childbirth, many mums desire to bounce back to their pre-pregnancy weight (normal BMI) as soon as possible, and it is rightly so as excess postpartum weight retention (Obese BMI) imposes higher risk to mothers of other diseases later in life such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. Thus, mothers are encouraged to be as active as possible once they have recovered. 

Losing weight is only half the journey, keeping the weight off is another battle. Do keep in mind that being active doesn’t mean going to the gym. Taking up simple activities like your daily routines such as having a stroll around your neighbourhood or at the park is sufficient for a start. That said, remember to take small steps one at a time. Expecting to achieve weight loss right after birth is not a realistic goal. So do make sure your exercise routine depends on your physical ability, recovery postpartum and fitness level.  We recommend you follow the doctor’s advice and suggestions on the types of exercises that suit your current condition.

Consume Whole Grains

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Whole grains are not only rich in fiber, it is high in antioxidants, vitamin B complex, and vitamin E. All of these are extremely beneficial to our health. Whole grains help to regulate glucose uptake, thus avoiding a sugar crash instead giving you sustained energy throughout the day. Again, the high fiber content creates more bulk and helps you reach satiety faster. Thus helping you to eat smaller portions to feel full earlier and for longer periods of time. 

In conclusion, instilling a proper eating habit and practicing a healthy, well-balanced diet that are rich in various nutrients are crucial in helping you lose weight post labour. Plus, not only would you be able to reach your desired goal, you would also be able to experience better postpartum weight loss  and achieve a healthy weight loss after birth.

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