Confinement Diet Tips to Help You Lose Weight

Confinement Diet Tips to Help You Lose Weight

Before we begin, let us just say that there is NO mother who does not gain weight when getting pregnant. Hence, no matter how much you gain, it is most likely normal and what is supposed to happen in order to carry your little one to terms.

Regardless, we can’t really help but to have the slightest fear in us when it comes to our potentially changing figure after giving birth. Even though your newborn’s and your own health should matter the most, know that it is completely normal to have such thoughts and worries. Of course, this is extremely common too and many mothers would turn to fitness trainers and nutritionists for help. 

So, how to lose weight during confinement? Needless to say, one crucial aspect that can show significant effects in shaping your figure and bringing it back to pre-pregnancy state is through the modification of your diet. 

The best confinement diet postpartum moms are generally recommended to follow is the one that is well-balanced.

The first lesson you need to learn is that you should not be cutting down everything. Instead, choose carefully. Increase certain food and reduce some others. Beyond anything, you have to put extra focus on following a balanced diet. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways you can get sufficient nutrients while counting your calories. Go over some of them below!

Eat More Protein

Eat More Protein

          This will help your body to recover properly from childbirth. You should also know that this is in line with a typical confinement diet where sources of protein like chicken and pork are highly recommended. If you wish to go even lower on the calories scale, opt for lean meats. Go skinless and trim off the fats completely. Eggs are another great source of protein. While it can be cooked in various different ways, you may want to avoid frying as they are oily and can cause constipation. Putting a strain on your weak body is simply the last thing any new mother needs.

Pick Your Carbs

          Notice how it says ‘pick’ and not ‘reduce’. This is due to a new mom’s health condition where she can easily feel exhausted. To keep your energy levels high, keep consuming carbs, but pick the right ones. Replace white rice with brown rice or if you are more innovative, make your own cauliflower rice with an extremely low carbohydrate amount. For more variety, go for potatoes or noodles – they come in various forms!

Cut Back on Sugar

          Nowadays, there is sugar in almost everything. Sugar is not entirely bad, but you can certainly make better choices in regards to where you get your sugar from. Opt for fruits instead of going for the processed, refined sugar or sweets. This will help you lose weight and effectively reduce the swellings on your body caused by fluid retention.

Increase Fibre

          Fibre is exceptionally great in treating constipation and contributing to your weight loss. It aids digestion which is an important aspect that you need to take care of, especially after giving birth. You want to keep constipation as far from your life as possible during this time as your body cannot really handle any strenuous activities. 

One of the vegetables that are high in fibre is asparagus. It increases milk supply, thus enhancing your breastfeeding experience remarkably. A lot of new moms claim that breastfeeding has helped them lose weight, so you would want to take note of that.

Eat Whole, Unprocessed Foods 

This is another pointer that we believe is in line with all confinement advice you receive in regards to confinement diet or weight loss diet in general. Stick with the organic aisle of the food section. Do not go for canned food as they often contain high sodium level which contributes to fluid retention. Choose whole foods like meat, seafood, eggs, veggies, fruits, and nuts. Even certain spices that are not too strong are still acceptable as well.

Breastfeed & Eat Lactation-Boosting Foods

Lactation-Boosting Foods

Did you know that nursing your baby can burn up to 500 calories at a time? That’s right! Your body works hard to produce and ensure smooth flow of milk to your child. It is almost similar to doing any cardio activities that get your heart pumping fast!

In order to ensure you can breastfeed smoothly, you can try adding more breastfeeding-friendly ingredients that can help increase your milk production. 

Look up for any lose weight while breastfeeding meal plan that you prefer. To make it easy, you can just go through our menu! We provide various lactogenic ingredients into our dishes, specially to help ease a mother’s lactation journey.

Finding the right postnatal confinement food does not have to be complicated or difficult. You simply have to figure out which nutrient source groups they belong to and decide which one you would like to have more in your meals.

Best Confinement Foods for You and Your Newborn
Best Confinement Foods for You and Your Newborn

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