Easy-To-Make Black Chicken Soup for New Mothers

Easy-To-Make Black Chicken Soup for New Mothers

Do you love chicken? Silly question, who doesn’t? Even if it may not be your favourite protein, it is hard to resist some chicken cooking such as grilled chicken, braised chicken, or even the overly-common yet always appetising fried chicken! 

The best part about chicken is that it is such a versatile ingredient that you can create hundreds of different dishes with it! It’s true! Try to name every chicken dish there ever is and you will never finish the list. Chicken wrap, sesame braised chicken, spicy chicken burger, chicken popcorn…etc., you get it. You just have to switch the ingredients and cooking methods based on your preference. 

Regardless, not all chickens are created equal. One group, in particular, offers more than the others. If you haven’t heard about the black chicken (no, it’s not the burnt chicken that you accidentally left for too long in the oven), you’re in for a treat! 

Black chicken is a black-pigmented chicken breed with distinguishable black or white feathers. You may recognise this breed by their fur-like feathers and of course, the black meat.

Is black chicken soup heaty?”

As a meal, many people regard black chicken soup as a heaty food. This makes it great for new mothers who seek warmth not only in clothes or under a blanket, but also from their daily meals. How does black chicken taste? Despite the look, it tastes just like a regular chicken. There really isn’t much difference and if you eat without looking, you may not be able to tell it’s black chicken. Since taste is out of the question, you may still be wondering what makes it different than the other chickens. It can’t just be the look, right?

Why Black Chicken Is Good for Mothers in Confinement

Well, the black chicken soup benefits are abundant! Black chicken is rich in the Carnosine antioxidant which keeps you healthy by preventing common sickness. This antioxidant is also good for muscles and nervous system. 

On top of all that, black chicken health benefits are also similar to those of regular chickens so you can expect to obtain the same nutrients. 

Its reputation is strengthened as mothers began incorporating black chicken soup into their confinement diet. Such source of protein is generally taken to hasten the postnatal recovery. This chicken continues being prized reputedly since the seventh century until today. Judging from the high nutritional value and medicinal benefits, we believe it doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone!

Cooking up confinement food is often associated with a long list of herbs for ingredients and a long preparation time. If those are exactly what you do not want to deal with to prepare black chicken soup, this recipe is for you. 

We dug for the easiest recipe (with only FIVE ingredients) of the nourishing black chicken soup that would take less than half an hour to make, and here it is!

Simple Black Chicken Soup Recipe

  • Whole black chicken
  • Several garlic cloves, sliced
  • 1 inch of ginger, sliced 
  • Dry shiitake mushrooms (amount up to your liking), reconstituted in warm water 
  • Aged salted turnips, sliced
  1. Blanch the chicken for a minute or two to get rid of any impurities
  2. Set the chicken aside
  3. Add a bit of oil into a dry pot
  4. Sauté all ingredients except the chicken for one to two minutes
  5. Add the black chicken and a generous amount of water into the pot
  6. Bring to a boil and cover with the lid
  7. Let the soup simmer until the chicken is done

Credit: Angel Wong’s Kitchen

As a new mother who is in the process of healing from childbirth, there are ways you can benefit more through this dish by modifying the black chicken soup recipe for confinement period. For one, you can include various other herbs to add more heaty properties to the food. You can also add in any other ingredients that will not only add to the flavours but also benefit you in improving blood circulation and producing your milk supply.

Needless to say, finding the right herbs and ingredients for new mothers can be tough as you do not only have to consider the health benefits, but also make sure the taste will match. It may take several experiments and going back and forth to the shops to find the right ingredients to put inside your dishes like this black chicken soup. Not very keen on going to such great lengths? We’ve got it all covered for you! 

Tian Wei’s Black Chicken Soup

Our Polygonum Multiflorum Black Chicken Soup is packed with herbs that nourish your blood and promote healthy ageing. Our black chicken soup is one of the highly-favoured soups of the mothers we serve! It included in our confinement food which will be sent hot and fresh to your doorstep – just like it came out of your kitchen. Check out our menu or talk to us at Tian Wei Signature to know more!