Escape the boredom of Confinement!

Is your confinement reaching soon or are you already in the confinement period? Here’s a question for you: how do plan to escape from boredom of confinement? Understandably, you may be too occupied with your newborn at this point to catch a break. But that shouldn’t be the case! You deserve to have a break every now and then and being confined to the house, you may need to have your escapism as well.

Look for Meals That Promote Lactation

Source for meals that provide dishes prepared with lactation boosting ingredients. If you are breastfeeding, the confinement period is a time to boost your milk supply, so it is important to ensure that what you consume can also help in increasing lactation. 

To help many breastfeeding mothers out there, we include various lactogenic ingredients like garlic, ginger, and fenugreek into our cooking.

Tian Wei Signature has a range of dishes like Lemongrass Fenugreek braised fish fillet, Fenugreek green papaya fish soup, and  Pork ribs soup with lotus root, all creatively concocted to help in boosting lactation for new mothers.

Keep Yourself Entertained

While some may argue that the confinement period is a time to just stay indoors and rest, you may want to prepare some form of entertainment for the whole month. Staying indoors all day with a newborn may not exactly be relaxing as you will be dealing with lots of crying, feeding and nappy changing. And because this may be a new experience for you, it could get stressful on some days. 

Try preparing a few favourite movies for days when things get a little rough and you need a little escape. Watching your favourite movies can help to lighten your mood. Apart from that, you can also invite some friends over. A little social time and communicating with people will also boost your mood.

Occupy Yourself with Educational Reads

What better time to polish up your knowledge than doing it during your confinement period? As your baby sleeps, you will find lots of spare time for reading and acquiring more knowledge. Try reading books on infant care to gain more tips for new mothers. You never know what you might learn. On days when you just want to relax, pick up a favourite book and a hot drink, and get lost in your novel.

Get a Post-natal Massage

Some have never heard of this, but post-natal massage is especially important after child birth in order to get your body back into its original shape and to help with the little aches and pains after delivery. 

Post-natal massages usually include pushing of womb back into its original position because the weight of pregnancy usually causes the womb to sag. The massage is important as it helps with hormone regulation, reduced swelling and you will sleep better after a relaxing massage. Aside from escaping confinement boredom, you also get to feel a lot more comfortable and relaxed!

Massage Your Baby

When the little one is awake, you can also spend some time pampering your little one by doing a baby massage. Massages helps to soothe your baby so they sleep better. In addition, massaging certain points can also aid your baby in improving digestion and blood circulation. With your loving touch, it is said that massaging can also strengthen the bond between a mother and her baby through the constant skin contact.

Get Enough Rest

While caring and worrying about your newborn, it is very easy to lose rest and become lethargic. Remember that your body is still in its process of recovering. You will require more rest than usual in order for your body to recover more quickly. 

It is not easy to sleep when your baby is fussing every few hours, but when the little one is down for a nap, try to catch forty winks too. You’ll find yourself more energised with the little breaks in between caring for your baby. 

If you have a confinement nanny to help out, it would be best to leave your baby in the care of the nanny while you catch up on rest. Inadequate rest can lead to stress and mood swings especially during such times when your body is recovering.

In short, confinement does not necessarily mean the plain, old, boring times being stuck at home. Try making the best of the situation by doing a number of activities you are able to accomplish within your home.  You’ll find yourself much more revitalized after the 28 days!