Food-Related Confinement Myths You Should Stop Believing

Food-Related Confinement Myths You Should Stop Believing - Tian Wei Signature

There are many myths and taboos on the proper way to live and eat during the confinement period after giving birth. Most mothers are usually confused about customs like bathing and cleaning their hair as well as the ideal Chinese confinement food menu they should take. Some of these confinement myths are popular beliefs of the past that end up compromising the child’s health and that of the mother. Below are the most popular food-related beliefs that any mother should avoid during their confinement period.

Alcohol Will Keep You Warm

Some caretakers believe that alcohol will keep the new mother warm during the confinement period and improve the circulation of blood in the body. While mothers may feel warm to a certain extent, a mother can pass on the alcohol content to the child through breastfeeding. When alcohol is consumed in excess and in an untimely manner between time of consumption and nursing session, it may increase risk to delayed child development.

If you would like to have a sip of drink every now and then, do it for 3 to 4 hours before you breastfeed, when the alcohol content in your blood has subsided. You can also finish with the breastfeeding sesh first before you have a glass of that wine, keeping the intake in moderation.

Water Can Result in Worsened Water Retention

Originating from the olden days, there is a piece of advice in which confined Chinese new mothers are not encouraged to drink water during their confinement period. The caretakers believe that drinking plenty of water leads to excessive retention of water in the body. The retention of water results in the cooling down of the body leaving the mother susceptible to diseases.

The truth of the matter is that it is still very much important to keep yourself hydrated. In fact, not getting enough fluid intake can result in various health issues. Mothers who have just given birth have fluctuating hormones, which could lead to sweating and frequent bathroom visits. Failure to take enough water during this time would lead to constipation and dehydration.

If you take other drinks than just water, it is advisable to also take non sweetened red dates tea which is believed to be more warming for a new mother in confinement. If plain water is too boring and difficult to consume all day every day, srink a few glasses of red dates tea or enjoy a bowl of soup or two every day to keep yourself hydrated.

Fruits and Vegetables Should Be Avoided Because They Are “Cold”

Some people believe that fruits and vegetables are cooling foods that are highly likely to cause colds and flu or ‘wind’ to enter body easily. This is not only untrue but also can cause certain issues with your body later on.

Fruits and Vegetables - Tian Wei Signature

Fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of vitamins, fibre, and other nutrients responsible for the repair of body tissues to promote wound healing and promote good gut health for smooth bowel movement. Some of them are even known as the confinement fruits and vegetables particularly because they contain nutrients like Vitamin C, Vitamin A and Folate to promote wound recovery.

Having certain vegetables like carrots and broccoli during confinement is especially good because they are good sources of fibre. They are also ideal for any mother having constipation since they assist with proper bowel habits. It is so important for you to get ahead of constipation as constipation may put you in excessive pressure at the wound site if you are straining to pass motion. If you have been on the lookout for the best confinement meal plan, a good way to get a balanced meal is to engage a confinement food catering which creates balanced meals that include fruits and vegetables for a new mother to recuperate.

Taking Herbal Supplements Is Important in Confinement

Herbal supplements included in most soups are ideal for energy restoration and blood circulation in the body. The herbs are also efficient in regulating the spleen, kidney and liver TCM identified organs to help make a postpartum mom feel better during confinement.
However, it is best to keep your herbs consumption at a minimum since high levels of herbs can cause certain discomforts like feeling uncomfortably hot or even heavy bleeding. Not to mention, consumption of excessive herbs may sometimes affect the baby since they may contain toxins and elements that are not fit for a child’s system. Just be careful when selecting your herbs and make sure to get the green light from your doctor or dietitian!

All these are the most common food-related myths that you will hear about if you are a new mother in Singapore. Understanding confinement foods and what is truly bad or beneficial for you or you may end up consuming the wrong food for confinement or missing out on certain nutrients.

There are many dishes that you can get in a Chinese confinement food menu in Singapore that are catered to provide you with a well-balanced meal. You should not put your health and that of your child at risk by eating food that is not good for your health. At Tian Wei, we are guided by our very own in-house dietitian to ensure new mothers are getting the right balanced diet and ample nutrition that meets their needs. Want to know more about what we serve? Simply go through our menu or just give us a call!