How Does Tofu Play a Role in Your Health During Confinement?

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Tofu, also known as bean curd, is a popularly used ingredient in many dishes of different cuisines such as Chinese, Thai, and Japan. Originating from China, it is derived from soy, made by curdling soy milk with a coagulant and then pressing it into a solid block before cooling it. Its creamy consistency makes it easy to eat, and it can be of a firmer or smoother texture depending on how it is drained before or when being pressed. 

Versatility is one of the perks in cooking tofu as it can be seared, fried, stir-fried, boiled, grilled, or cooked in virtually any way. While very mild or rather bland in taste, tofu can absorb flavour from seasonings, condiments, or whatever it is cooked with, thus enhancing its flavour profile and also the nutritional benefits, making it one of the best confinement food.

On its own though, what are the health benefits to consuming tofu? And how can it improve your health during confinement?

Good source of protein

Protein plays a very important role in healing and the development of cells and body tissues, which is crucial for a mother’s recovery after childbirth. Adequate protein intake also plays a part in supporting the immune system by building antibodies. Research shows that those with inadequate protein intake leads to lower muscle mass, thus high mortality rate especially when they fall sick.  That is why mothers need adequate protein intake to maintain muscle mass while breastfeeding. 

Soy has been generally accepted as an alternative source of protein to meat, with studies showing that soy is a good protein option with lower trans fat and saturated fat compared to animal protein. Besides that,  research also found soy protein to potentially be a better protein source compared to other plant based alternatives as it has a much higher protein content per 100g compared to other legumes. So, including tofu in your diet during confinement may provide the nutrition for both mother and baby, whether direct or indirectly.

Good source of calcium

Bone health is of utmost importance, and especially so during confinement when recovery is a priority for a mother, and while nursing as a breastfed baby’s calcium source is the mother’s bones. Calcium is what you need here as it will help to build strong bones and teeth. It also boosts the body’s systems such as the muscular system, nervous system, and circulatory system, making it an essential component in heart health and regulating muscle contraction

Dairy products provide high amounts of calcium, and although soy milk phytate that may reduce the absorption of calcium, fortified versions of soy products help to compensate for this effect and make it comparable to dairy in terms of the nutrients that our bones need. What’s interesting is that the calcium content in tofu is actually dependent on the coagulant agent used in making tofu. Traditionally, nigari, a salt solution containing magnesium and calcium among other minerals, is used as the coagulant. Now, it is common to use calcium sulfate, sometimes together with nigari, in today’s tofu-making, producing tofu that is higher in calcium.

Low in saturated fat

Saturated fat is a type of dietary fat that is solid at room temperature and is deemed unhealthy as it increases our low-density lipoprotein (LDL), or “bad” cholesterol, which can lead to heart diseases. It can be difficult to avoid saturated fat entirely as it is commonly found in meat, dairy, chocolate, and pastries. That is not to say that saturated fat is a bane of diet and that we should avoid it like the plague. It can still be included in our diet. Of the 20% to 35% of fat intake, the American Heart Association (AHA) recommends limiting saturated fat intake to up to 6% of our daily diet. As long as we do not go overboard with consuming too much food with saturated fat, we will still be able to maintain good health.

This is where tofu comes into play. Tofu, is is low in saturated fat and does not contain cholesterol. It is a good replacement for animal products as it reduces the intake of saturated fat and it is also very filling. This is why it is often used as a meat substitute. Hence, including tofu in your confinement diet can be very beneficial to your cardiovascular health and satiety both in terms of fat and calcium intake.

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And now you know why tofu is one of the best confinement food to consume. Seeing the many nutritional benefits it brings, it is no wonder why it is hailed as a superfood! 

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