How Long Do Post-Birth Confinement Periods Last?

How Long Do Post-Birth Confinement Periods Last - Tian Wei Signature

The confinement period gives you an opportunity to replenish your energy and allow healing. Conventionally, the confinement span is a month, but at times it can be longer than 30 days. 

Although some new mothers may be bored by the solitude and restrictions, it gives you an excellent time to bond with your newborn. The period also ensures that your energy is not drained if you are engaged in tiresome activities.

Ordinarily, confinement in many Asian countries, including Korean confinement and Singaporean confinement lasts for 28-40 days. Unless you had complications like C-section delivery or postpartum depression, this time is enough for recuperation. The period can become hectic if it is full of unhelpful myths.

A month without a shower is risky for your health. Other practices which can make confinement unbearable are the prohibition of drinking red dates, consumption of traditional herbs to dispel wind, and restriction of diet to meat and liver. Some of the practices are baseless, but some determinants of the period you will spend in confinement are listed below.

Type of Delivery

If you delivered your baby through vaginal birth, you are likely to spend 28-35 days in confinement. The process of healing is fast. 

However, you should follow the right diet to regain strength after a short period. You should learn to differentiate between myths and scientific facts. 

For Cesarean deliveries, on the other hand, it requires more time for the wound to heal and the mother to regain energy. 

The period could be extended to 40 days and above. The primary reason for the extension is to give the new mother enough recuperation time.

Confinement Diet

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What types of food were you eating before delivery? The pregnancy period gives you momentum to take you through the initial stages after giving birth. Therefore, you should ensure that your body is supplied with all the required nutrients by eating the best confinement food.

Take enough minerals for the formation of healthy bones of your baby even before delivery.

After delivery, you should take enough fluids, vitamins, proteins, and minerals to facilitate the healing process. If you delivered through C-section, ensure that you take essential elements for the healing of the wound.

Cultural Practices

The Singaporean culture usually practices confinement after birth for around 30 days. The Chinese women are confined for over 40 days. 

On the other hand, confinement for Indian mothers’ ranges between 30 to 40 days. Some beliefs govern the time set aside.

One of them is the myth that a woman may experience a difficult time in the future if the days are not completed. If you are wondering “is confinement necessary?”, postpartum confinement is more than just about following tradition. 

It’s a period that is meant for you to have a proper recovery from childbirth, to adjust emotionally for your new role as a mother, as well as to bond with your newborn.

Unavailability of Family Members

A new mother can be forced to have a more extended confinement period if the family members are not in a position to take care of her. The nanny is bestowed with the responsibility of taking care of the woman and the baby until she is stable. 

The extension is carried out if the woman is staying in a confinement centre rather than home. In such circumstances, the period can be extended to over 40 days.

Health Condition After Delivery

In the case of conditions like PPD, the period of confinement can be extended. The new mother is given the necessary care psychologically to relieve stress. Baby blues is another factor that could keep you under confinement longer than expected. Therefore, nannies should ensure that your environment is free from stressors which can affect your recovery. If you are stable, you should expect to spend 30 days or less in confinement.

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The practice of confinement is meant to give you a quiet and quality time without distractions. Just a quick recap to the question of “how long is confinement period”, it is about 30 – 40 days, give or take a few days in either direction. If you were to ask us “how long is Chinese confinement”, then we’d say – “around about the same”.

Remember, emotional stability plays a vital role in your physical healing. Therefore, you should observe all the essential practices of confinement. But it is also prudent to shun practices which can risk your health like not showering and avoiding plain water.

For a healing and well-rested confinement, having a nourishing and well-balanced confinement diet is important. The nutrients in your daily confinement meals plays an essential role in speeding up your postpartum recovery and lactation. So, you now know what to tell your boss the next time they ask “confinement how many days” and “why so many days one ah”?

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