How Proteins in Your Diet Can Aid In Post-Natal Recovery

How Proteins in Your Diet Can Aid In Post-Natal Recovery

Loss of blood and energy during childbirth leaves a new mother weak and highly susceptible to illnesses. Therefore, she has to rest and adhere to a strict diet that will help her in regaining her health and restoring her energy levels back to normal. A mother also experiences massive hormonal and physical changes that may directly affect her milk production. Most Singaporeans have a series of practices to help them deal with the post-partum problems and maintain a proper balance in the body. A usual Chinese confinement food menu in Singapore also contains foods rich in proteins, vitamins, calcium, iron, carbohydrate, and omega-3 fatty acids.

In particular, every pregnant and new mother should take post natal food that is rich in proteins to help her in the healthy development of the foetus and quick postnatal recovery. You can get a protein fix from foods such as eggs, lean beef, fish, milk, pork, beans, and lentils among others. Some of these protein foods are also rich in calcium, vitamin B and iron, which helps in breast milk production and increases the energy levels in your body. Below are some of the reasons why a new mother should include proteins in her diet.

Protein Helps Improve Wound Healing & Immune System

After delivery, your body needs protein to build and repair cells, body tissues, muscle, and skin in order to promote wound healing. Furthermore, protein also helps you to prevent infection, carry oxygen throughout your body, and balance the fluids in your body. Other than that, having sufficient protein in your diet also helps your body to develop antibodies that play a role in setting up a good immune system. Meanwhile, protein also helps your baby in healthy cell growth and immune function.

Protein Helps You Maintain Good Bone Health

Most long-term studies show that protein offers great benefits for your bone health. Maintaining a healthy protein level is especially important for women, as women are generally at higher risk of having brittle bones (osteoporosis) in later years. According to the American Society For Bone and Mineral Research, people who consume more protein tend to maintain bone mass better and have a lower risk of having bone fractures and brittle bones in their golden years. Apart from eating enough protein, staying active is a great way to take care of your bone health too.

Proteins Raise Iron Content in the Body

Some proteins are very rich in iron, which is responsible for healthy red blood cells. Iron also helps restore blood and energy in a mother’s body lost during childbirth. Therefore, it will be ideal if you add in ingredients such as egg, chicken, oats and broccoli to a mother’s confinement diet.

Proteins Will Help You Fill Up Faster

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High protein foods such as beef, eggs, and fish contain a hunger-fighting hormone that will fill you up faster. A new mother is always juggling between nursing and taking a good rest during the day or night. The body is also using a lot of energy to produce milk for the baby and restore her bodily functions. Therefore, it would be ideal to eat protein snacks, for example, a glass of milk or eggs before regular meals for the breast milk production.

Help with Weight Control

Women tend to gain a lot of weight after childbirth, and this may affect their emotional well-being. Proteins are lower in calories than carbs, and they will fill you up faster. A low-calorie intake will help you keep your weight in check. Some of the healthy proteins that will help you with your weight control include extra lean meat, eggs, fish, and chicken. Remember to go for the low fat or fat-free meat and dairy products to avoid a sudden weight gain.

Proteins are essential for restoring your body’s energy levels and strength. Every new mother requires an additional 71 grams of extra protein to her daily intake during the confinement period to help her with the production of milk and recovery. Most protein sources are from dairy products and animal meat, but a vegan can substitute that with pulses, legumes, and seeds that are rich in protein. Hence, it is important to incorporate a healthy amount of protein in the food for confinement mothers to ensure their health and recovery.

Some of the list of confinement food that contains protein include:

  • Confinement dishes that contain meat, fatty fish, or intestines, such as chicken, pork, pork liver, pork kidney, salmon.
  • Confinement dishes that contain soy products, quinoa, and leafy greens.
  • Confinement dishes that contain plant proteins like beans, lentils, and whole grains.

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