How Soups Support Your Good Health After Childbirth

For many, soups are the ultimate comfort food. It’s the food we’ll seek in good and – especially – sick times. A slurp of a warm, savoury broth can calm our tummy and put us in ‘comfy’ mode almost immediately. As you can probably guess, today we’re going to talk about soups! 

You might notice that a lot of hospital recovery menu and confinement meal menus would include a variety of soups. Why are soups good for us at any time, including after childbirth?

After labour, you’re probably going to be feeling pretty weak and you’d want to fill your belly with everything in sight, but if you’re feeling bloated, constipated, or stressed, you need to go for the soup. With its high protein content, there is a whole range of nutrients that it can offer to you.

Certain Broths Have Healing Benefits

This should go without saying, but dishes become a lot better when you put all the right ingredients in them! Similarly, this is why a lot of soups like the Chinese confinement soup selections would use a lot of ingredients that possess abundant benefits, such as the bone broth and black chicken soup. 

As a matter of fact, many people with joint pain and similar problems report positive benefits from having regular bone broth. From the perspective of TCM, the main advantages of bone broth are the increase in qi (blood yin essence). 

Bone broth is a great source of minerals and is good for bone health. The vitamins, minerals and collagen that enter the bone broth have many nourishing benefits for the human body, and they are too numerous to list here.    

Although more research is needed to determine the health benefits of bone broth, its widespread and varied use around the world is evidence that it has many health benefits. 

Second, bone broth can also bring benefits by reducing sugar, alcohol and processed foods and by including healthy fats, fruits, and vegetables into your diet.    

Foods of traditional Chinese medicine are nutritious and healthy, but a person should not eat too much of any food. You should consult your local traditional Chinese medicine doctor for advice on foods that fit your personal profile.    

Increase Liquid Intake

Liquid intake is especially important at this time. You have to keep yourself hydrated at all times not only to improve circulation and promote good gut health but also to ensure sufficient milk supply for your little one. Therefore, drinking a lot of water throughout the day is very much recommended for postpartum moms. Naturally, mothers would prefer to drink something that feels warm to their body, so soups are the next best option. 

Improve Digestive System

Apart from dehydration, poor gut health can also be linked to a lack of several nutrients? In traditional Chinese medicine, it is important not to eat too much (seventy-seven percent of your capacity) food at moderate temperatures to avoid overloading the digestive system. 

Did you know that the average human baby drinks around 8ml of breast milk a day? This is why, if you’re confined to bed recovering after childbirth, consuming a bowl of soup can be a great way to keep your energy levels up. The good thing about adding soup to your meal is that you’re actually increasing both your liquid and calorie intake. Plus, it’s a great source of different types of calories, which means you can be sure to stay energized and satisfied. 

Help With Weight Loss

Soups is an ideal low-carb option if you are trying to reduce carb without compromising your energy and breast milk production throughout the day. Plus, consuming a lot of liquid during your meal can make you feel full easily. So, if you feel that you want to start watching what you eat, having a bowl of soup along with your meals is always a good decision! 

Of course, this would greatly depend on the kinds of ingredients that you include in the soups. 

All in all, there are far more advantages to having soups than one might think. Traditional Chinese Medicine emphasizes eating local, locally available foods for better health. If you are looking for herbal soup delivery in Singapore to assist with your postpartum recovery, look no further! 

At Tian Wei Signature, we include various nourishing herbal soups that can help boost your blood circulation and bring health benefits for your optimal health. Our highly-favoured desserts that are part of our fusion meal sets also come in soups! 

Our meals are not only nutritious and balanced but are also crafted to fulfil the needs of breastfeeding mothers. With our very own in-house dietitian, we make sure that mothers only receive the best for their recovery and their newborns during the confinement period. Check out our menu to see the kind of soup for confinement you will get to enjoy and other dishes that’ll satisfy your palate!

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