How Whole Grains Help to Promote Gut Health During Postpartum

How Whole Grains Help to Promote Gut Health During Postpartum - Tian Wei Confinement

Whole grains have long been consumed as a staple in a healthy diet. But why? What exactly are they and how are they good for you? Let’s dive right into it!

So…what are whole grains? Why should we eat them?

On top of just knowing why whole grains are good for you, it is also worth understanding why whole grains make a better option compared to other grains. So, what are they and why are whole grains good for us?

Whole grains are unrefined forms of cereals like wheat, rye, and barley. Refined grains, like white bread and white rice, have been milled, which is a process of removing the bran and germ. This process, however, can remove certain nutrients to a certain extent. With whole grains, all the goodness is retained! On top of the variety you could enjoy like brown rice, millet, and oatmeal – the list is endless, whole grains are completely good sources of nutrients! 

They contain fibre, vitamin B, antioxidants like vitamin E, as well as micronutrients like copper and magnesium. A single grain can provide complex carbohydrates, minerals, and other nutrients. Of course, as the title says, whole grains are a good source of dietary fibre. 

Glycemic Index (GI) of Whole Grains VS Refined Grains

The GI tells you which carbohydrates can raise blood sugar levels quicker than the others. Foods with a high GI are digested faster and can cause a huge spike in blood sugar. On the other hand, foods with a low GI take a longer time to be digested, thus prompting a slower rise of sugar levels in your blood. 

One of the reasons that can affect a food’s GI is if they have been processed, such as milling. Therefore, refined grains like white bread and pasta generally have a higher GI compared to whole grains. Refined grains can promote blood sugar spikes, causing insulin resistance and weight gain. Their high GI can potentially contribute to obesity and type 2 diabetes. 

High-quality, low-GI whole grains help manage blood sugar levels, improve insulin sensitivity, and may promote healthy weight management. A 2017 study also found that eating low-glycemic index foods promotes better blood sugar control and weight loss, as well as managing type 2 diabetes. 

Low-GI whole grains also help support proper bowel function, which improves overall digestive and immune health. They are excellent for promoting good gut health after giving birth too, as they contain valuable nutrients and phytochemicals that promote gut health and absorption. 

How can whole grain-based foods help with weight loss and gut health?

Most health experts agree that whole grains are good for everyone, and especially so for those looking to shed a few kilos. Fibre being naturally higher in whole grains can help make you feel more satisfied and full after eating. As it takes longer to digest whole grains, it will keep you full longer and prevent you from reaching for snacks too frequently or wanting to have your next meal too soon.

Above that, the various benefits of whole grains are all the more reasons that we should be eating more of them to help with weight loss. First off, whole grains help to maintain a healthy gut. Whole grains contain a mix of carbohydrates, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Together, these nutrients help to feed the microflora in our gut which produces butyrate (short-chain fatty acids which act as antioxidants) and a protective mucus layer towards pathogenic bacteria along the intestinal wall which supports our immune system, boosts digestion, and regulates bowel movements. This also leads to a lower risk of digestive problems. 

All in all, the postpartum weight will gradually go away on its own, so be sure to give your body enough time to heal and recover – including by supplying it with enough fuel for the day. 

Whole Grains - Tian Wei Confinement
Whole Grains – Tian Wei Confinement

Now, that you know the benefits of whole grains, you know why you should include these in your diet on a daily basis. The next time you’re wondering what to eat for confinement, make sure not to leave out whole grains on the list! 

At Tian Wei Signature, we make it our goal to help make your confinement journey as smooth and restful as possible by fulfilling your recovery and breastfeeding needs. Some of our favourite whole grains you can expect to enjoy in our meals are brown rice, barley millet, and quinoa!

While we make sure you get all the important nutrients with every meal of our confinement package, we also ensure to not compromise on the flavours! Our menu features a wide variety of both fusion and traditional dishes, made with various milk-boosting ingredients to boost your milk production.

Even with zero MSG, our meals are flavourful and delicious, freshly cooked to please your taste buds. Reach Tian Wei Signature at +65 6727 5599 to book your post pregnancy meal delivery Singapore service and get ready to embark on your confinement journey the best way!