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3 Easy-to-Find Foods to Boost Lactation

Mother breast feeding her bady

“Is my baby getting fed enough?” “Am I producing enough milk?” “Why is my milk supply decreasing?” Do these sound a bit too familiar for you? If you have thought of any of these while breastfeeding, know that you are…

Recommended Postnatal Diet for New Mothers

Recommended Postnatal Diet for New Mothers 04 1 scaled

Congratulations! If you’re here, you are probably expecting a sweet addition of a little baby to your family or have just had a baby. Either way, that’s something to celebrate and find joy in every day! So.. what should you…

Why pig trotters during confinement ?

pig trotters during confinement

Pork Trotters can be commonly found in confinement meals planned by midwives. It is known to be a traditional healing food of confinement by the Cantonese. The reason for this is due to the high benefits that it provides. Pork…