Post-Abortion Diet Tips For A Proper Recovery

food to eat after abortion

Regardless of your reason, you must have made a series of tough decisions and sacrifices to be where you are right now. You might feel like you’re alone, but abortion in Singapore is actually more common than you think. In our country, there had been over 6,500 abortions made every year from the year 2010 to 2017. As difficult as it may feel, your main priority now should be recovering your body from the wearing procedure that you’ve been through. 

While abortions performed by licensed medical professionals are generally safe, most women experience some side effects after the surgery. These discomforts include nausea, sore breasts, fatigue, abdominal cramps and light vaginal bleeding. On top of following your doctor’s advice and prescriptions, taking care of your diet is essential in supporting your recovery too. Good nutritious plays a crucial role in healing your body after the taxing procedure you’ve been through. Here are some of the food examples of what to eat after abortion for fast recovery:


Iron-rich & Vitamin C-rich Foods

Examples: Pork Kidney, Spinach, Red Dates, Pumpkin

Foods that are rich in iron and vitamin C helps to replenish the blood lost in your body. In particular, iron helps you to replenish red blood cells and supply oxygen throughout your body. Meanwhile, both iron and vitamin C helps to improve your collagen formation to promote wound healing after the surgery.


Calcium-rich Foods

Examples: Tofu, Okra, Broccoli, Dairy Foods

If there was an inadequate intake of calcium-rich foods during pregnancy, a mother’s calcium stores could have been depleted. Therefore, it is wise to restore calcium stores during this recovery for healthy bone and muscle functioning.


Folate-rich Foods

Examples: Red Beans, Black Beans, Chayote, Kailan

Also related to replenishing your blood supply, foods that are rich in folate helps you to build healthy red blood cells and prevent anaemia. Also, folate-rich food is an essential food to eat after abortion to maintain healthy cell growth and function.


Healthy Fats

Examples: Salmon, Threadfin, Sesame Oil

Foods that are high in healthy fats play a key role in speeding up your wound recovery due to their anti-inflammatory properties. In fact, healthy fats benefit your body beyond what are visible to the eyes. As abortion and miscarriage can lead to hormonal imbalances, foods rich in healthy fats help support a good hormonal balance. Other than getting healthy fats from seafood, some of the best snacks and fruits to eat after abortion are also great sources. For instance, avocados, almonds, walnuts and olive.


Whole Grains

Examples: Brown Rice, Quinoa, Barley Millet Rice

One of the most well-known benefits of whole grains are probably the rich amount of fiber they contain, which helps with your digestion as well as supporting good gut health and immune system. When it comes to speeding up recovery after your surgery, whole grains help to promote good hormonal balance by regulating blood sugar levels.


Protein-rich Foods

what to eat after abortion for fast recovery

Examples: Chicken, Fish, Lentils

Protein forms the building blocks of the tissues and organs in your body. Hence, consuming foods that are high in protein during your recovery stage helps with wound healing. Most of us are familiar with protein’s ability to help increase muscle mass and strength, but did you know that protein is also a source of vitamin B12 — an essential vitamin that your body needs to produce healthy red blood cells? Last but not least, your body also needs protein to develop antibodies to support a good immune system.


Speed Up Your Post-Abortion Recovery with Confinement Food

While you learn about what to eat after abortion for fast recovery, did you know that having confinement food during this stage can help you with your recovery? While you might be thinking that confinement food is only suitable for postpartum mothers, it is actually generally suitable as food after abortion or miscarriage—with minimal alteration like removing the lactogenic ingredients. As your body has previously adapted to pregnancy, the symptoms that you experience after going through abortion can be very similar to that of postpartum ones. Hence, a nourishing confinement diet in general can help to improve your recovery.

At Tian Wei Signature, we serve confinement food that contains all of the nourishing ingredients listed above. We offer a healing menu that is carefully reviewed by our in-house dietitian to promote your physical and mental recovery. Not to mention all dishes are delicious and MSG-free, all prepared using natural flavours from food. You will be nourished with a huge variety of well-balanced fusion and traditional meals with over 90 meat and vegetable dishes. Meanwhile, you will also have the option to leave out lactogenic ingredients, herbs, chicken, eggs or any other ingredients based on your preference.

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