Recommended Postnatal Diet for New Mothers

Postnatal Diet for New Mothers

Congratulations! If you’re here, you are probably expecting a sweet addition of a little baby to your family or have just had a baby. Either way, that’s something to celebrate and find joy in every day!

So.. what should you expect after birth? Would you have to be stuck in bed all day? How will the breastfeeding go for both you and your little one, or will you face any difficulties with it?

Unfortunately, most of the times, it is hard to anticipate what will happen. You know what they say, things don’t always go as planned. Of course, this is not to disregard the importance of planning and preparations.

In fact, your preparation during pregnancy is key to ensuring a smooth rest after childbirth. One particular aspect to take into account is your post natal diet. To ensure proper recovery and breastfeeding journey after birth, it is crucial that you sort out the kinds of food to have throughout your critical postpartum period. During this time, you should strictly hold on to the principle of “you what you eat”.

Confinement Practice & Diet

Are you planning on following certain confinement traditions? In Asian countries, new mothers are always paying closer attention to nutrition and daily meals childbirth especially during confinement, but how exactly?

First, the principles of traditional Chinese medicine are often used as guidelines. Traditional Chinese medical theory believes that there is a loss of qi and blood after delivery, which needs to be replenished. You also have to ensure proper discharge of lochia as well as good blood circulation. 

Apart from eating healthy and focusing on eating foods with warm properties, 

Recommended Herbs

Taking herbal tonics is especially advised for mothers practising confinement. One of popular folk remedy for confinement is SHENG HUA TANG (生化汤) that is a well recommended by many TCM practitioners.

herbal tonics

Why is Sheng Hua Tang so popular? The first reason is as it does an efficient work with fewer herbs. There are only five herbs (Chinese angelica root 24g, chuanxiong rhizome 9g, peach kernel 6g, baked ginger 2g, prepared licorice root 2g) in Sheng Hua Tang. In short, the Sheng Hua Tang contains all the most recommended herbs for a new mother so it can spare you the hassle of having to go out of your way to obtain them. Now let’s see how it works with confinement. 

Sheng Hua Tang is rich in vitamin B12 which helps women enriching the blood; Rhizoma Chuanxiong and peach kernel contain different essential oils which assist women in promoting Blood circulation to relieve pain, so will help with lochia discharging and assist the body to generate new blood. This is precisely what every woman needs in their postpartum period. 

The next one is baked ginger, as it name goes, we bake it until it turns black. TCM believes the baked ginger has the effect of removing dampness and acting to arrest bleeding or haemorrhage. Some people decoct the Sheng Hua Tang with wines or liquor and believe that can enhance the effect, but the original recipe was using water adding 6 or 7 tablespoons old wine.

To have Sheng Hua Tang breastfeeding mothers would be recommended to take a break before proceeding to nurse right away. You can also finish your breastfeeding sesh first before enjoying your Sheng Hua Tang!

What Dietitian Says

During the time right after childbirth, your main focus should be towards replenishing your lost energy, blood, and nutrients. To select the right post natal food and plan the best confinement diet, you should make sure your daily meals are well-balanced.

Well-Balanced Postnatal Foods

Postnatal Foods

What does well-balanced mean in this context? It means you should have sufficient supply of carbs for energy, protein to repair and build stronger muscles, and vitamins. All of these can be obtained from your common ingredients such as rice, fish, chicken, and of course, fruits and vegetables. Trust us, you don’t have to look far!

Fill your plate with a type of staple – you can go with brown rice and quinoa for a healthier option, protein like fish, and most importantly, a lot of greens.

If you simply do not have a lot of time to either plan or cook your own postnatal foods, leave it to the trusted hands! But whose hands do you trust? Sure, our mom and grandmother cook up the most delicious foods that fit our taste perfectly. 

However, you should also take into consideration that they may not be cooked with the healthiest methods, especially if a lot of oil and unhealthy ingredients are used. At this point, you do not only want good taste. You should want to obtain as many health benefits as possible.

So, why don’t you leave it to our dietitian and award-winning chef? Our meals are crafted specially for new mothers to not only boost their recovery but also make your confinement a lot more exciting! Our menu comprises both traditional and fusion dishes so you can have the best of both worlds. 

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