How to Plan the Ideal Confinement Diet

Plan the Ideal Confinement Diet

If you have just given birth, congratulations! Expect an unhealthy amount of “awww”s in a day as you and your partner watch every little thing your baby does. After all, parents are their baby’s biggest fans!

While it’s easy to be totally consumed by your child’s adorableness (oh, and the new daily routines and responsibilities that come with them), ask yourself this: “am I taking care of myself as much as I’m paying attention to my baby?” If you hesitate, you might start to realise that you are neglecting your own wellbeing.

Remember, you have just given birth! It is a huge ordeal for anyone to go through. Whether or not you feel much better now, some form of postnatal care is due.  

One of the most vital and crucial period after childbirth is the confinement period. It is a period of at least 28 days, where you would mostly stay indoors and follow a list of confinement ‘rules’. 

These rules are essentially meant to help you replenish and recover properly because childbirth can take a huge toll on your body. One of the first and most important parts of confinement is your confinement diet plan

It is believed that whatever you consume during your confinement period will determine the rate and quality of your recovery. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you plan a proper confinement diet for at least the first 28 days after child birth. Here are 4 essential points to note when selecting and making arrangements for your confinement meals :

Confinement Dishes That Keep Your Body Warm

Be selective about the type of dishes you consume during your confinement. If you are opting for a caterer from a confinement meal company, always check their menu and list of ingredients used to be sure what you consume is beneficial to your body’s recovery. 

For example, if you notice ingredients like ginger, garlic, Chinese Angelica root, and red dates, you’re on the right track! These are common ingredients in confinement dishes that can help to restore blood flow, provide warmth for the body and expel wind. They can be included in a variety of confinement dishes and soups, which can aid in replenishing your body.

Choose Meals That Provide a Balanced Diet

Balanced Diet

Being in confinement also means that you need to have a healthy and balanced diet. You should have a balanced consumption of grains, protein and greens daily. It is not necessary to eat a lot, but important to consume food with high nutrients that can aid in giving you energy and speed up your recovery. Meals should be complete with grains, protein like fish, red meat and poultry, as well as a portion of fruits and vegetables. Some of the famous super confinement dishes include fish/meat soup, pork leg soup with groundnuts, chicken and bone broth, as well as carp soup.

Make Sure to Use Confinement-Friendly Ingredients

When sourcing for confinement meals, always remember to check if the ingredients used are confinement friendly. Some caterers may claim that their dishes are suited for confinement, but the ingredients used does not aid in replenishing your body and may affect other factors like production of breastmilk. 

As your body tends to be more sensitive during this period, it is important to make sure that you consume the right food to boost your recovery. Tian Wei Signature is well known for its creativity in giving Chinese confinement meals a twist. Their menu is readily available on the website so that customers are able to see what kind of ingredients are used in the preparation of daily confinement meals. Should there be any ingredient unsuited for your taste buds, you can always opt for a change.

Include Lactation Boosting Herbs/Ingredients

Lactation Boosting

If you have decided to breastfeed your newborn, then what you consume during your confinement period and the days after will greatly affect your lactation. The good news is, there are a lot of delicious lactation boosting foods out there! 

Foods like salmon, fenugreek, and papaya are excellent to help boost lactation while certain food cabbages, parsley, and mint can adversely affect the production of breast milk. 

Whether you will have your confinement meals cooked by your own family members or prepared by a confinement catering service, it is advisable to choose a reliable caterer, with references and positive reviews from others so that you know that your meals are in good hands. At Tian Wei Signature, we’ve received commendations from many for our delicious concoctions while being pro-breastfeeding and preparing meals that help in boosting lactation.

Confinement period may seem like an exhausting period to some, because of the strict rule we are required to adhere to. However, a little suffering now goes a long way in the future. The same goes for having a proper confinement diet or the post pregnancy meal delivery Singapore mothers often opt for. It may not be easy but it is definitely worth it when you realise that your body recovers much faster and stronger.

Best Confinement Foods for You and Your Newborn
Best Confinement Foods for You and Your Newborn


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