“Should I Eat Chicken If I’m Recovering From C-Section?”

Becoming a mother can seem daunting, especially when it’s your first baby. The fear of becoming a mother coupled with the pain of pregnancy is a scary combination and many mothers can easily feel overwhelmed at times. 

Mothers who do not deliver naturally will usually go through the C-section surgery to give birth. This surgery can be challenging and may take a while for you to fully recover from, depending on your condition. 

Regardless, it is important to take the necessary care and measures for proper healing from C-section. If you are a new mother looking for any particular item or tools, check out MumChecked for postpartum healing products and baby products for your newborn! They have good quality and affordable products for all your postpartum needs and all your baby’s needs.

Postnatal Diet

If you are a new mother who has undergone C-section, then you might be wondering what kind of foods you should consume. It is important to take foods that are high in nutrition and protein to help with the speedy delivery of new mothers.

Rest and diet are very important in recovery after C-section delivery. Diet is not only important for your postpartum recovery but also to produce sufficient breast milk for breastfeeding your newborn. For the first few months of their life, breast milk is the only source of nutrition for your baby so you should take care of your diet first and foremost.

“Can I eat chicken after giving birth?”

“Can I drink coffee when breastfeeding?”

“Can I eat beans after C Section?”

Understandably, you may have endless questions around the topic of postnatal foods and diet, but at least today we’ll address one of them; can you eat chicken after C-Section?

Throughout our years of serving new mothers, we have gotten quite a number of requests to exclude chicken in their confinement meals, especially for the first two weeks. Some people might question why is that so, while some of you might already be used to hearing this. Normally, new moms would ask to exclude both eggs and chicken from their foods.

We are aware there has been this debate for generations about whether eggs and chicken is okay to consume after C-section delivery. It certainly makes sense that “can I eat chicken after delivery” is one of the most searched questions by expectant and new mothers on the internet. But why?

Why do some mothers choose to not eat chicken?

There is a false belief that having chicken can slow down healing or cause infection. This is completely untrue, but we may have to go back to the olden days to find out why. Back then, cooking is not the same as these days. It may be harder to ensure a whole chicken is properly cooked back when there was less tools in the kitchen. New mothers also should not handle raw poultry, so perhaps due to the lack of helping hands like a confinement nannyback then, moms were advised to avoid having chicken entirely.

Of course, another reason that is completely solid is that they are simply not into chicken! At Tian Wei, you are free to remove any particular ingredients completely from all your foods if you dislike them. 

That said, we would always advise new mothers to obtain chicken as it is an excellent source of protein, just like any experts like nutritionists and dietitian would too.

Benefits of Having Chicken After C Section

In case you have been wondering whether you can eat chicken after C Section, you’re about to get a very pleasant answer! Here are some of the reasons why chicken can and SHOULD be consumed after C-section delivery.

  1. Chicken is a good source of protein and protein is a very important nutrient source when you have undergone a certain surgical procedure. It helps with reducing inflammation and in repairing tissues. Foods high in proteins such as lentils, beans, eggs, and dairy products are recommended to be consumed after delivery. Therefore, chicken can be consumed after C-section delivery in a reasonable amount to help with the healing process.
  2. It is a good alternative to red meats. Compared to white meat and poultry, red meats are less advisable for new mothers after delivery because they have saturated fat in high levels and may cause constipation. Constipation is a big issue in new mothers who have undergone C-section and must be avoided. The same is not the case with lean meats such as chicken and turkey which can be consumed in reasonable amounts.
  3. Chicken can be used in broths and soups which must be taken after giving birth. They are very rich in nutrients and can help you regain your energy by speeding up the recovery process. Compared to processed foods, chicken is a whole food which can be consumed in sufficient quantity. 

We wish you a speedy postpartum recovery and hope you found this blog useful. Remember, prioritise your health so that your baby will have a healthy mother!