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5 Nutritious Snacks For Confinement

4 confinement Snack

Now, just who doesn’t feel like munching on some sweet snacks every now and then, right? If you have been restricting your diet throughout pregnancy, you might want to release your craving of sweet desserts soon! But…you’ll be in a…

How to Plan the Ideal Confinement Diet


If you have just given birth, congratulations! Expect an unhealthy amount of “awww”s in a day as you and your partner watch every little thing your baby does. After all, parents are their baby’s biggest fans! While it’s easy to…

Escape the boredom of Confinement!


Is your confinement reaching soon or are you already in the confinement period? Here’s a question for you: how do plan to escape from boredom of confinement? Understandably, you may be too occupied with your newborn at this point to…