The Benefits of Papaya Fish Soup for Mothers in Confinement

the benefits of papaya fish soup for mothers in confinement

As a new mother, it may not seem like you have a lot of options on what to eat after you have given birth, but that is simply untrue! There are a lot of ingredients and foods you can get and wholeheartedly enjoy just like when you were not pregnant or breastfeeding.

For a start, you have an endless list of mouth-watering soups to enjoy to the point you can have different soup every day throughout your confinement month. Simply give our menu a browse and you’ll see what we mean! We serve new mothers with not only herbal soups but also various other appetising soups to complete your meals. If you are looking a soup best to have during confinement, one of the confinement soup selections you can have would be none other than the delicious papaya fish soup.

From the kitchen of Tian Wei, this savoury soup is made with fresh fish and green/unripe papaya to create a subtle yet flavourful taste! Its taste makes it great to pair with both plain and other stronger-tasting dishes. 

Apart from the wholesome flavour, a bowl of papaya fish soup also carries a lot of benefits that would do wonders for postnatal mothers who have just given birth. If you are interested to know about green papaya soup benefit, read up!

Offer You the Fish Soup Benefits

First off, fish is one of the most recommended sources of protein, even on top of other meat like chicken, pork, and beef. It is low in calories and fat, yet offer the same health benefits as many other proteins. As you exerted a lot of energy during childbirth, fish can greatly help in muscle-building by repairing and strengthening them, as well as easing your weight loss plan. 

Not to mention, taking soups can increase your fluid intake. Maintaining sufficient fluid intake is extremely important during this period, especially if you are breastfeeding. Breastfeeding can make you more prone to dehydration and thirst so make sure to always keep yourself hydrated at all times!

Reduce Inflammation

Papaya has been consumed for a long time for its ability to fight inflammation as it contains powerful antioxidant effects. Antioxidants prevent your body cells from damage. For a new mother, you are more susceptible to inflammations around sensitive areas like your breast. When that happens, grab a bowl of this soup and you may just witness how good it can relieve your discomforts. 

Increase Milk Supply

The best thing about this soup is that it is known to be an amazing milk-booster. It is famous among new mothers not only as of the tasty confinement soup but also a breastfeeding food. That should say enough about its effectiveness in improving your lactation. One of the main ingredients, papaya, has excellent nutrients that can ease you in nursing. Apart from promoting milk production, it also stimulates smooth muscles that work to express breast milk so you can produce more for your little one!   

Plus, fish has a lot of nutrients that are important for your health and your baby’s development. High in protein, fish can help your body repairs any damaged tissues and builds stronger ones. 

Improve Your Digestive Health

As if all of the above is not enough, green papaya is also a powerful fruit full of essential nutrients and enzymes that promote digestive health. Having a healthy digestive system is especially crucial for a new mother because you want to protect your uterus and not put any strain on both your body and womb. You do not want to overexert yourself, so something as small as constipation must be avoided. Hence, eating food that can prevent constipation is necessary.

Make a Sweet Addition to Your Meal

Last but certainly not least, many mothers find themselves easily getting tired of the confinement meals that mostly taste and look similar. If you want to give your meal a refreshing and delicious twist, this soup will do exactly that. Aside from its neverending benefits, it is also loved by many for its flavours.

At Tian Wei Signature, we use the green papaya for its crisp flesh with very little flavour. The raw papaya is picked when it is still green to retain all of its natural enzymatic qualities. Since fish is already of soft texture, adding the papaya gives the soup more crunchy ingredients that you can munch on. All in all, papaya fish soup for confinement is never a wrong choice!

If you would like to give this special soup a try along with various other tasty soups that are great for new mothers, Tian Wei Signature is just one call away! We serve both traditional cooking as well as fusion foods inspired by Japanese, Mediterranean, and other Asian cuisines so you can rest assured your confinement meals will be exciting and it will be quite a story to tell others!