Tian Wei Signature Confinement Food Review – by Rachel Lee (@racheleeemq)

This review is written by one of our beloved Mommies, Rachel Lee (@racheleeemq on Instagram), where she shares her experience of getting her daily confinement meals from Tian Wei Signature. Scroll to see some of her meals from our confinement delivery catering!

Hello my second baby, Aele Luah! 💓

I delivered Aele on the 23rd June 2021, made a bold decision to do without a nanny/helper this time round. 

As a more experienced mom, my stand on confinement is to eat well while on the road to recovery. 

My nutritional intake was not compromised even though I do not have a nanny to cook for me. 

I ordered from Tian Wei Signature Confinement Food Catering for my meals (Lunch & Dinner-28 days) to recondition my body. 

To be honest, home cooked confinement food is the best choice but I would say Tian Wei Signature is the next best alternative. (I am also not a fan of big cook at home 😝)

Their menu has a huge variety of well-balanced meals, no MSG, breastfeeding-friendly and also fusion menu with wide range multi-cuisine meals with minimal repetition. 

It is just the way I would like my hassle-free confinement meals to be! 

I also get to know my daily menu in advance, simply key in your estimated delivery date of delivery (EDD) here and you will be able to know the planned dishes throughout the confinement period! 

If you have any special requirements, indicate via online booking- I requested for less ginger. 

Do place your booking early to enjoy the early bird discount, the best value pack would be the double lunch & dinner (28 days) $1688, entitle to the Early Bird Discount of $128! (1 month before your EDD)

Click here to book 

Thank you Tian Wei Signature for dishing out 28 days of nutritious meals to my door step daily, lunch and dinner, delivered separately to ensure quality of food is served warm.

Each confinement meal bag comes with 2 thermal flasks- brewed red date drink & soup/dessert (roughly 1 litre),

 1 veg dish, 1 meat dish and 1 carbs. 

All meals are low in fat, low in sodium and spice.

Don’t worry about having cold food as the tubs (well-sealed) are packed in foil-lined thermal bag, deliver either early or right on time.

 It is a good timely reminder that mommy should not have their delayed meal while caring for the little one! 

I also do not need to worry about the washing, just put back the two thermal flasks into thermal bag, place it outside your gate, they will pick it up and replace with next meal. 

 Tian Wei Signature served very good quality fish like Salmon and Threadfin! 

It taste so yummy~ 

In fact I really didn’t know there are so many types of daily staple ranging from healthy brown rice, quinoa, white rice, five grain rice, barley millet mixed rice and tri-colored rice etc. 

I was so impressed that I did not get bored of confinement food! 

Every meal without fail, I will take the first look at their soup! I love it! 

The herbal soup and sometimes dessert – Red Bean puree with Orange peel/ Sweet Potato Longan Ginger Soup, the taste is just right for me – not overly bitter or sweet, that is a plus point! 

The dishes I particularly enjoyed are; Fenugreek Green Papaya Milky Fish Soup, Pork Ribs soup with Chinese Yam + Red Dates, Red Fermented Wine Chicken, Stir Fried Pork Liver with White Beehoon + Kailan, Stir Fried Udon With Black Pepper Chicken, White Beech Mushroom Ee-Fu Noodles and Tian Wei Signature COQ Au Vin– very well balanced meals, homely. tasty yet nutritious! 

(The best of both cuisines- Traditional & Fusion)

Tian Wei Signature serving portions are very generous! 

Sometimes I will share my meal with Asen (older boy, 2 yo) and he totally enjoyed it. 

Website: https://www.tianweisignature.com/

More on my Instagram highlight @racheleeemq 

Remember to make your booking early so that you can have one less thing to worry about! 

All the best in your pregnancy journey mommies 

Send you lots of love! 💖💖💖

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    We are a team behind the leading confinement food caterer who understand the importance of a well balanced diet to help mothers recover properly post-delivery. On top of preparing nutritious confinement meals for mothers, we work closely with our in-house dietitian to research articles and scour the internet to put together a library of dietary knowledge to help mothers along in their confinement.