Traditional Confinement Dishes With A Modern Twist!

Traditional Confinement Dishes With A Modern Twist!

When we talk about confinement food, a number of classic dishes come to mind, including braised pork trotter in black vinegar, sesame oil chicken, and stir-fried pork intestines with sliced ginger. These dishes are prepared with recipes passed down from generations, and specially prepared to aid new mothers in replenishing their bodies after childbirth. 

It is said that during childbirth, a mother loses most of her energy and strength, and becomes very weak. She then has to ensure that she regains her health by taking extra care and consuming the right foods for at least 28 days after giving birth. This period is known as the confinement period.

What kind of food are mothers traditionally encouraged to consume during their confinement?

Traditionally, a typical confinement food recipe would consist of a few main ingredients namely vinegar, ginger, red dates, angelica root, sesame oil and rice wine. All these ingredients are traditionally believed to come with warming and healing properties that can help to boost the body’s recovery. However, after consuming the same types of dishes for a couple of weeks, some mommies might start to get bored and crave for some other varieties.

So, how does “traditional” confinement food taste like?

Depending on personal food preference, some mothers may not enjoy the taste of traditional Chinese confinement food. Some may find that the taste and smell of vinegar is too strong for their liking, while others may not like the stinging taste of ginger. While consuming the right nutrition is highly important during confinement, the meals you have should also taste appetizing to you to improve your nutrients absorption. 

Nowadays, confinement meals have evolved to be not strictly limited to Chinese dishes like red fermented wine chicken and pork trotters in black vinegar. As long as the essential nutrients are included and safe ingredients are used, you can cook up any kind of dish to suit your taste buds. Well, then you might be wondering, how to cook confinement food with a more modern taste while keeping it nutritious? Leave it to Tian Wei Signature! 

What is the difference between Tian Wei Signature and other confinement food caterers?

Today, you can find companies that offer confinement meal services like Tian Wei Signature. We offer confinement meal services unlike other confinement meals by serving you a wide range of fusion and traditional confinement food.

On top of traditional confinement dishes, we add a mix of fusion dishes to keep your confinement food interesting. These fusion confinement dishes are prepared with a modern twist in flavor and presentation but still maintain the essential nutrition needed for your postpartum recovery and breastfeeding needs.

If you look at our online menu, you will notice that Tian Wei Signature serves dishes that use salmon, chicken, pork ribs, vegetables, all cooked in varying styles. Tian Wei also alternates between different types of grains like barley millet, quinoa and brown rice so that customers get a different meal experience for each meal.

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Fusion Confinement Dishes at Tian Wei Signature

By now you may be wondering, so what exactly are the fusion dishes served at Tian Wei Signature? Well, our fusion dishes mainly consist of Mediterranean fusion and Japanese fusion confinement food. Here are some of our most well-loved fusion confinement dishes:

Kurobuta Pork Loin with Apple Mirin Sauce and Spaghetti

Kurobuta Pork Loin with Apple Mirin Sauce and Spaghetti

This Japanese fusion confinement food is a well-balanced meal that consists of pork loin, apples, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, baby corn, and carrots, paired with tangy and savory spaghetti to give you a break from the usual rice. Pork loins contain vitamin B1, which gives you energy to support your nerve, muscle, and heart function. Your little one can also benefit from vitamin B1 through your breast milk by having a stronger immune system. The vegetables used in this dish are rich in vitamin C, which lowers your newborn’s risk of developing allergies through your breast milk.

Tian Wei Signature Coq Au Vin

This Mediterranean fusion confinement food is prepared with chicken braised with wine and other vegetables like mushrooms, carrots, potato, and broccoli. Herbs like thyme, oregano, and parsley are also added to this dish to add more fragrance to the dish. The broccoli, potato and chicken in this dish nourish your body with vitamin C, which improves your collagen formation to promote wound healing around the genital and cesarean area after delivery. Furthermore, garlic is also added in this dish to serve as a milk-boosting ingredient to improve your milk production.

Seared Salmon with Cauliflower Cream

Introducing another favourite Mediterranean fusion confinement dish, Seared Salmon with Cauliflower Cream. In this dish, juicy and tender salmon is carefully seared to bring out the natural fragrant of the salmon’s healthy fat.

To keep the dish refreshing, the salmon is served along with fresh vegetables like broccoli, cherry tomatoes, baby corn and potatoes. Furthermore, milk and butter are added to this dish to give it a rich and creamy texture.

Salmon is high in vitamin C, vitamin D, and contains vitamin B6, folate and vitamin E, which all aids in improving your postpartum recovery and boosting the nutritional quality of your breast milk. To find out the full range of all of our fusion and traditional Chinese confinement food, an online confinement menu is available on their website for reference.

At Tian Wei Signature, we change our cooking style and preparation for every meal so that confinement food is not only limited to a few traditional dishes, but a variety of flavours. Every meal is well-balanced, dietitian-guided, and MSG-free to improve your recovery and lactation.

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