What Soup is Good for Confinement?

Soup is Good

Ever crave that warm feeling on a cold day when you’re under a blanket? Or when you’re down with a cold and feeling lousy? And what about when your body is not at its best and needs a little pick-me-up? Well, guess what, the answer to all that might just be drinking a steaming bowl of soup. And the same goes for confinement too, when your body is at its weakest after 9 months, one of the easiest ways to nourish yourself is with warm hearty soups!

During pregnancy, your body makes a lot of accommodation for your baby at the expense of your health and body. Now that the 9 months are over, it is time to focus on regaining your strength back. And what better way to do that than with soup for confinement

So here we are with 5 tasty soups available here at Tian Wei Signature that are not only scrumptious but are also very nourishing especially for mothers during confinement.

1. Gingko Lotus Seed Pig Stomach Soup

Just from the name, you might not know that it contains one of the best ingredients for traditionally dispelling wind during confinement, which is ginger. Great for digestion and warming up the body, ginger is believed to be able to help with ailments such as rheumatism and aches caused by wind, and it is a lactogenic ingredient and helps to boost milk supply. 

Aside from that, this soup contains pork ribs which are good sources of iron, zinc and vitamin B12, and gingko and red dates which are rich in vitamin C. All these ingredients combine to make a nourishing soup.

2. Fenugreek Green Papaya Herbal Fish Soup

One of our popular soups, the Fenugreek Green Papaya Herbal Fish Soup is double boiled with many other Chinese herbs that are beneficial to consume during confinement such as yù zhú, dang gui, chuan xiong, wolfberries, and red dates. These ingredients help to regulate the blood, expel wind and coldness, and promote smoother flow of Qi. 

As for green papaya, this fruit is famously known for its lactogenic properties from saponins and alkaloids, and is rich in vitamin C which promotes wound healing. On top of all those ingredients, we use Seabass as our fish of choice due to it being a good source of omega 3-DHA which is needed for a baby’s brain development and lowering the risk of postpartum depression. Seabass is also a good source of vitamin D which supports bone health and immune system in both mother and child.

3. Corn Millet Soup

Want a simple yet delicious soup? You should get the Corn Millet Soup. Almost like a dessert, it has a natural sweetness and is made mainly with 2 ingredients; corn and millet; making it a soup that is full of fibre, vitamins, and minerals. With millet, you get fibre, vitamin B1, folate, and iron which play a significant role as fibre eases bowel movement and supports gut health and the immune system, vitamin B1 supports nerve, muscle, and heart functions, folate maintains healthy cells, and iron helps to build healthy red blood cells.

4. Black Bean Soup with Pork Ribs and Fuzzy Melon

Yet another soup that contains ginger, our Black Bean Soup with Pork Ribs comes with a twist that is fuzzy melon (or hairy gourd). This soup is popular during confinement as it is warming, hearty, and loaded with nutrients great for both mummy and baby. And with hairy gourd in the mix, it gives an added boost of vitamin C along with red dates, which promotes collagen production and helps with wound healing around genital and caesarean areas after childbirth for the mother, and is needed for a newborn’s healthy skin, teeth, bones, joint tissues, and blood vessels which he or she can get through breast milk.

5. Eucommia Kidney-Nourishing Soup

Equally high up the nutrient scale is our Eucommia Kidney-Nourishing Soup, another heartwarming herbal soup. Believed to strengthen the kidneys, liver, and waist, this soup contains many herbs and ingredients that are said to help with recovery after childbirth, such as eucommia and morinda officinalis which is a source of iron, chicken and black beans which are good sources of protein, and red dates which are rich in potassium that regulates muscle function and heart beats.

In addition, it contains a root that is also known as the ‘poor man’s ginseng’ — the codonopsis pilosula root. Known to bring plenty of traditional benefits, it is especially useful as a blood tonic that mothers drink to improve their uterine function.

Eucommia Kidney-Nourishing Soup
With that, you now know 5 amazing soup for confinement and the benefits that they bring. Don’t forget that you can get these tasty confinement soups as part of your confinement meal delivery package at Tian Wei Signature when you sign up with us. For more information, you may browse through here (package details) and here (menu).

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