Why Do You Need a Chinese Confinement Diet After an Abortion?

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This is a highly emotional time for some. People feel a whole range of things after an abortion. Some feel exhausted, some feel relief, some feel sad, all of these are quite normal. What’s more worrying is when some experience depression, so much so that they forego meals and this can lead to some rather detrimental as well as unwanted side effects on their health.

Your body will be working overtime if you’ve recently undergone an abortion. To heal oneself, you must consume an abundance of nutritious foods. You’ll be shedding blood and re-growing your uterine lining, so you’ll need some extra energy, just like when you’re menstruating. Your body will still be affected by pregnancy hormones, therefore it will require additional vitamins and minerals to keep healthy.

The body need a lot of nutrients after an abortion in order to fully heal. Although the operation is not as , the influence on the overall health of the woman receiving it can be significant. A well-balanced and nutritious diet is critical for a quick recovery and reducing the danger of anaemia, delayed wound healing, infection and malnourishment.

Another reason why eating healthily after an abortion is crucial is that it will make you feel better. When it comes to our mental health, sometimes, in such a situation we may be overwhelmed by our emotions that we tend to forget to take care of ourselves physically. Without planning or external support, we may tend to skip meals more easily, choosing a more convenient option or feeling more inclined to resort to emotional eating which many times may not be the most nutritious foods to take in. Thus it’s always good to seek professional help whether it’s for therapy or for your daily meals that you take while recovering.   

The time after abortion can be stressful, and you may be concerned about what foods to eat after abortion to restore your stamina. Today, we will be looking at a rather interesting way to rebuild your constitution as well as health.

That’s right, today we are going to be looking at using our Chinese Confinement Diets to refortify your system and give you the boost you need in your journey to recovery. Here are some of the ways in which a Chinese confinement diet benefits your recovery:

1. Wound-healing ingredients

With the usual process of things, pregnancy would involve some wounds, especially in the delivery portion. While we do concede that there may not be wounds as found in deliveries like a vaginal tear or multiple layers of tissues being sliced into with a doctor’s scalpel, your body still goes through and experiences the same types of trauma that would accompany childbirth.

In that same vein, your body would require the same kind of care and attention that will be needed in regular childbirth. That said, your body should be getting lots of protein, iron, vitamin C, Vitamin A and Vitamin B, all of which help your body to replenish its blood supply and mend. Some examples of food that contain such vital nutrients are offals, animal protein and a good amount of vegetables.

2. It is well-balanced

The whole idea behind confinement diets, regardless if it’s Chinese or otherwise, is that you get all the nutrition that your body requires after giving birth.

A complete Chinese confinement meal plan should contain a wholesome balance of ingredients like grains, proteins, and greens. Some examples of which we have already covered in the paragraph before, but will quickly run through again – offals, meat, and tofu.

Why is this important? Well, the importance of a well balanced diet can not be overstated nor can we stress enough just how necessary a well-balanced diet is for your recovery to ensure that you cover all different vitamins and  minerals. A green juice diet or a keto diet during this time is not advisable. 

3. Old is gold!

The added benefit of having a Chinese confinement diet is that it contains Chinese herbs that are well known to be beneficial for your recovery too! This is speaking from a traditional Chinese medicine standpoint. The usage of herbs in recovery has been a long established practice. Some of the common traditional Chinese herbs recommended are dang shen, dang gui, red dates, longan and wolfberries. Traditional Chinese Medicine teaches that, in general, a mother after labour would be cold in nature, experience lack of blood, blood stagnation, lack of Qi, and Qi stagnation. Many of the herbs recommended are to fix these issues and help mothers on their recovery journey back to good health. Therefore, there has to logically be some reason as to why such practices have survived through the ages. We can only conclude that they are, indeed, beneficial for recovery.

4. That’s some healthy cooking

While we aren’t TCM practitioners and may not understand the finer inner workings of their sciences, we can, however, attest to the cooking methodology of these traditional forms of confinement meals. When cooking our meals, we tend to make it healthier by adopting healthier cooking methods such as steaming, light stir fry, stewing and roasting especially for fusion dishes. Understanding the importance of maintaining traditional meals for confinement mothers like Braised pork trotter with black vinegar, leaner cuts of the pork are provided instead of fatty ones. This is to reduce intake of saturated fat, especially when, in excess, would not only contribute to excessive calorie intake, it may also increase cholesterol levels.

Closing words

At the end of the day, we at Tian Wei Signature see Chinese confinement diet becoming more popular as a suitable avenue for their post-abortion recovery nurishment and, sidenote, our Chinese confinement soup as well as confinement dessert selections can be that perfect pick-me-up you need!

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For the uninitiated of you who are reading this, “What makes your meals suitable food after abortion”, you might ask. Well, first off, it’s a wholesome and balanced diet that will ensure you get all the nutrition your body requires during this recovery phase. As an added bonus, did you know that all our meals are carefully studied by our professionally trained and certified in-house dietitian who works closely with our head chef to bring you a wide array of fusion as well as traditional Chinese confinement dishes. Not to mention we have a daily rotating Chinese confinement soup to whet your appetite and get you excited for your meals!

Oh, before we forget, should you not want a certain ingredient to be added into your meals, just give us a little heads up that you would want to be opting out of those ingredients and we’ll be more than happy to accommodate. 

However, we do have to put in a small disclaimer here that since all our dishes are measured down to the milligramme by our dietitian, opting out of certain ingredients would then not give you the full and balanced nutritional value as intended.

If you are interested, feel free to have a look at our packages over on our website. There are single meals, double meals, fusion meals, traditional meals, quite literally, there’s bound to be something for you! 

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