Why Is It Important to Take Sheng Hua Tang During Postpartum

Sheng Hua Tang

When we talk about the postpartum period, Sheng Hua Tang is no stranger. It is THE ultimate herbal soup aka confinement superfood that needs no introduction, especially for moms of older generation that grew up in an Asian (specifically Chinese) household. Sheng Hua Tang made its debut among new moms since generations ago. But is confinement period all about this ‘Sheng Hua Tang’? How far do its effects go? We’ll talk about it all here!

Sheng Hua Tang is formulated to promote blood circulation, warm your body up, relieve pains, and also aid in lochia discharge. These are all extremely crucial health benefits that new moms need. This soup normally consists of herbs known as dang gui (当归), chuan xiong (川芎), tao ren (桃仁), pao jiang (炮姜), and zhi gan cao (炙甘草).

Benefits of Sheng Hua Tang

Put simply, its main benefit is to cleanse the blood and stimulate the blood flow. After you have given birth, you will keep discharging the mucus and tissues from the womb which may feel like normal menstruation to you. As previously mentioned above, this is known as the lochia discharge. 

Lochia is the vaginal discharge after giving birth that contains blood, mucus, and tissues from the womb. Lochia discharge typically continues for four to six weeks after childbirth. Sheng Hua Tang can significantly enhance this whole process. In fact, each of the herbs named above functions to help the blood cleansing process in one way or another.

Sheng Hua Tang is also said to be able to relieve pains following the childbirth. Some of the body discomforts post childbirth come from the irregular blood flow. You may also experience headaches due to this. Since this concoction is meant to boost the blood flow, you can feel rejuvenated again by consuming once in a while.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theories, your body is believed to be in a ‘cold’ state and weakened Qi post delivery. Sheng Hua Tang exudes heaty properties that will bring back the warmth to your body. This will put you in a cosy and comfy mode at all time.   


Will it taste strong? Depending on your taste buds, it may or may not be. Yes, it is indeed a herbal soup, but that does not mean it is certainly strong-tasting or has a bitter aftertaste. In fact, the formula could have been modified various times over the years to fit the taste of modern moms. You can modify the recipe to suit your preference too!

How to make Sheng Hua Tang:

  1. Pour 3 cups of water into a pot
  2. Soak the aforementioned herbs in the pot for about half an hour.
  3. Leave them boiled until there is about 1 cup of water left.
  4. Take out the water for later
  5. Add 3 more cups of water into the herbs
  6. Boil for the second time until there is 1 cup’s worth of water left
  7. Mix the 2 cups of herbal soup together and serve.

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See, preparing Sheng Hua Tang is not difficult at all! Of course, you might have to go through the hassle of finding the right herbs. There might also be a problem of not knowing how to choose herbs properly, especially considering we are not used to having or seeing herbs every other day. Need an alternative? 

Just get your daily Sheng Hua Tang prepared for you! Wondering where to get Sheng Hua Tang? Start with a complimentary serving from Tian Wei Signature. For those who had a natural birth, we’ll serve your Sheng Hua Tang starting three days after delivery. For C-sections, your Sheng Hua Tang will be ready seven days post-operation. This way, you do not have to go out of your way to treat yourself to the benefits of Sheng Hua Tang.