Why is it so difficult to shed off the pounds after childbirth?

Why is it so difficult to shed off the pounds after childbirth_ - Tian Wei Signature

Losing weight is not as simple as just simply eating less and directly reaping the benefits, especially after childbirth. Many things come into play, such as recovery, breastfeeding, health conditions, and more. There is no set time period to drop the pounds after giving birth. Every woman is unique and so is her body. While some find it easy to drop the pounds after giving birth, the rest may not find it an easy journey. And here are some reasons why.

1. You are not getting adequate sleep

When the baby comes, life becomes more hectic as you’re fussing over your newborn, trying to get used to changes in your daily life (especially if you’re a new mum), and just not getting enough shut-eye. A lack of sleep causes an increase in hormones that stimulate hunger, making you crave food and eat calorie dense food, thus making it more difficult to shed any weight. 

Interestingly, a local Singapore study even found that despite choosing healthier food options late at night, there may still be higher risk of postpartum weight retention among asian women compared to those who may be eating lesser quality foods during the day. This shows that circadian rhythm has an influence in hormone regulation like melatonin and leptin which affects fat metabolism as well. 

Besides that, when there’s inadequate sleep, it is also less likely for mummies to have the energy to set aside time to have a more active lifestyle or plan healthier meals.  So, it is important to get your baby into a routine so that he or she sleeps through the night, for you to be able to do the same.

2. You are stressed

Exhaustion can lead to stress, especially with the late hours, waking up in the middle of the night to cries of your newborn, and also possible postpartum depression. Postpartum depression is complex and multifactorial. Nevertheless, it is a significant factor associated with higher risk of postpartum weight retention. Sleep deprivation can also cause stress to the body, which together can prove to be a challenge to overcome, whether it is for weight loss or for overall health. 

When you are stressed, your body produces a hormone called cortisol, which makes it harder to lose weight and promotes fat storage especially around the belly. A good way to counter this rise in stress hormones is by exercising

3. You are still in the process of recovery

Recovery does not happen overnight. You carried a baby for nine months. So, it’s safe to say that you need at least a few months to fully recover and heal from that journey. After giving birth, everything that your body experienced during pregnancy like hormone fluctuations and physical swelling do not disappear immediately.

And if you are breastfeeding, all the more your body needs time to regain nutrition, to get back on track, and to recover from the physical changes.What worked for you to lose weight pre-pregnancy may not work as well now because your body’s requirement and hormonal state is different. Putting yourself in a low calorie diet may further push your body to avoid starvation and do the opposite of losing weight. It’s your body’s way to survive.

Therefore,  focusing on the quality of meals and your recovery is more essential during this time. Remember that lower calories does not necessarily mean healthier. 

4. You are dehydrated

You’d be surprised to know how important drinking water is when it comes to losing weight. Not only does it hydrate you, it also cleanses your body of wastes, improves kidney function, and possibly aids in stress reduction. Furthermore, drinking water increases satiation and decreases appetite. There are so many benefits to drinking water that when you don’t drink it enough and get dehydrated, you lose out on those benefits, making it more difficult for your body to function to its optimal level. 

5. You are lacking time, motivation and support

As the saying goes, you are what you eat. But it is true to only a certain extent. It is a common misconception that the more you eat, the more you gain, and vice versa. It is also not ideal to be on a diet right after childbirth as you need all the nutrition you can get to recover and breastfeed. Just because you eat less, doesn’t mean that you will lose weight.

If you eat too little, it will affect your recovery and may put you in a position more susceptible to infection due to malnutrition. What you need are balanced, healthy meals every day. By doing this, you are feeding your body properly, so your body does not go into fat-saving mode or make you crave food from hunger. Ditch the fried food, ditch the sweets, ditch the salty, savoury snacks, and packaged food. Instead, opt for leafy greens, braised food, boiled food, steamed food, and replace unhealthy snacks for healthier alternatives.

Of course, you do not have to be too hard on yourself. It is okay to let go once in a while. Go on and have the occasional treat. A piece of chocolate, a sweet drink, a piece of cake. The key to having a healthy diet with healthy meals is consistency. It might seem troubling to need to cook and come up with such meals, and it can be difficult if you’re not a good cook or don’t have someone to prepare them for you and lack support especially during this season of the pandemic.We all know how chores, work and attending to infants can all pile up and be overwhelming and prioritising care for yourself can easily be the last thing on your mind.  When there’s a lack of support, it may lead to a lack of motivation and time to still put care for yourself as your number one priority 

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Which is why food for confinement mothers is of the utmost importance and a vital support to mummies. Hence, it would be great to sign up for a confinement package that takes care of all your dietary needs. A confinement package will not only provide you the nutrition that you need for recovery, it will also make life more simple for you as you won’t have to worry about cooking.

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