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Breastfeeding(OLD AUG 2017)

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WE ARE ALL ABOUT LACTATION ! At Tian Wei Signature, we understand the importance of breastfeeding for new mothers.
For a lot of nursing mothers, it’s easy to get too tired and forget about proper diet.
However, eating properly during the breastfeeding period is a critical aspect of keeping both the mother and the baby healthy.
We aim to help mothers to increase their breastmilk by providing them a balanced diet. Our menu consist of milk boosting ingredients such as:

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Our menu says it all. Bringing mothers through their confinement the tastier way.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Eating properly and taking good care of your body is crucial especially if you intend to breastfeed your newborn. As a nursing mum, breastfeeding requires additional nutritional demands to ensure a sufficient intake of vitamins and minerals are delivered to the baby through breast milk.

During your confinement, your body may still be weak and vulnerable from the process of giving birth. Postnatal recovery is important, so your health and energy levels get replenished.

At Tian Wei Signature, we understand the need and importance of breastfeeding for mothers. Available through home delivery in Singapore, our selection of food for confinement mothers during the confinement period are carefully prepared to help increase their breast milk supply.

Breastfeeding involves a mother’s health and the well-being of her newborn. As you need to continuously care for your new baby during the confinement period, eating proper food and a well-balanced diet is crucial to increase your energy levels and provide the nutrition needed.

Galactagogues are foods that promote and boost the supply of breast milk. It does not only aid in a faster recovery after childbirth, but also improve the quality of lactating milk and benefit the baby.

Add these milk-boosting ingredients into your confinement meals:

– Green Papaya

Green papaya is a famous milk booster for nursing mummies. It is a rich source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Folate, and Pantothenic acid. It also contains Magnesium, Potassium, and Calcium. It is a superfood that can boost the quantity and quality of your breast milk.

– Salmon

Salmon fish is one of the main recommended ingredients for mothers during their confinement. Wild caught salmon and sardines both provide phenomenal levels of omega-3 fatty acids, specifically DHA and EPA. DHA helps in the development of your newborn’s nervous system. DHA is particularly important throughout pregnancy and during the early stages of an infant’s life. Getting enough DHA during pregnancy can improve behavior, attention, focus, and learning in children.

– Cumin

Cumin is one of the common spices used as an ingredient to recipes or as flavoring component in Asian kitchens. It is also believed to stimulate milk production for mothers that are low in supply of breastmilk. Plus, cumin seeds improve digestion and provide relief from constipation, acidity and bloating which what post-natal mothers needs during confinement. They are also a source of iron that provides strength to new mothers after childbirth.

– Quinoa

Quinoa is definitely a healthier choice for confinement meals to get their energy from. Nursing mothers tend to need more energy to breastfeed, and quinoa provides mothers exactly that, minus the calories. Quinoa is also a good ingredient to be included in confinement meal plans, for the nutritious value that they provide.

– Okra

Okra’s abundance in macro and micro nutrients, iron, and folic acid in particular, protects against excessive menstrual bleeding in women, replenishes blood deficiencies caused by heavy bleeding or malnutrition. The combination of vitamin K and C, magnesium and calcium in the plant helps in building and strengthening the bones, regaining bone thickness and preventing bone loss and osteoporosis, which come with aging.

– Tomato

Tomato sauce is a good source of vitamin C, a nutrient essential during breastfeeding because it helps you absorb plenty of iron. Vitamin C, which can help with wound healing for mothers who delivered via C-section.

– Spinach

Green vegetables are a great source of iron, which you will need to help you recuperate. Like other leafy greens, it is high in vitamins and minerals, and provides dietary fibre which are good for postnatal mothers. Spinach is also high in calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and niacin. These nutrients are important for nursing mothers and their new-born during confinement.

The changes that occur during the period of pregnancy and breastfeeding place extra demands on your body. Some of these may affect your bones and cause your bone mass to decrease substantially.

A nursing mother loses calcium daily from breastfeeding. As the growing baby has an increased need for calcium, it is drawn from the mother’s bones if she does not get enough calcium from a diet with calcium-rich foods. Without replacing the lost calcium, this may result in a loss of bone mass and other bone-related diseases.

You can replenish and maintain the calcium in your body by eating more of these food:

  • Dark green, leafy vegetables
  • Seeds such as chia and sesame seeds
  • Tofu and nuts like almonds

Yes! In fact, our menu is thoughtfully designed with breastfeeding moms like you in mind. During breastfeeding, you need a well-balanced confinement diet to recuperate and stay energized for the long run. Not only do we understand the importance of proper nutrition during breastfeeding stage, we know exactly what food you need to boost the quantity and quality of your breastmilk. Aside from being free from any artificial flavouring, all of the dishes in our menu are packed with delicious milk-boosting ingredients, such as salmon, green papaya, tomato, spinach, okra, quinoa and cumin.

At Tian Wei Signature, we deliver a selection of confinement food with delivery in Singapore, to meet your diet requirements during the confinement period. Our menu includes all of the lactation-boosting foods above to aid you in maintaining or increasing your milk supply. Taking care of your bone health and overall nutrition during breastfeeding will improve and maintain the wellbeing of both mother and baby.