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ProsperityChinese New Year Set Meal


To celebrate the upcoming Lunar New Year, we are bringing in our Prosperity CNY Meal Sets that present an array of prosperous dishes prepared with love and warmth, specially made for mothers in confinement to give you all the nutrients your body needs. These delicious celebratory treats will be delivered right to your doorstep for 3 consecutive days starting from Chinese New Year’s Eve!

Prosperitychinese new year set menu

what will you be having throughout new year

CNYEve 新年除夕

LUNCH 24/1/2020

  • Poon Choi 盆菜(大份)
  • Mind-Soothing and Hair-Protecting Soup 安神护发炖汤
  • Five grain rice 五谷饭

DINNER 24/1/2020

  • New Year Red Grilled Fish 红烧鱼
  • Braised Shiitake with Broccoli 冬菇焖西兰花
  • Mind Calming and Lung Nourishing Soup 健脾润肺炖鸡汤
  • Plain Rice 白饭

CNYDAY 1 大年初一

LUNCH 25/1/2020

  • Herbal Chicken with Polygunum 何首乌药材焖鸡
  • Straw Mushroom with White Fungus and Fried Nai Bai 草菇银耳炒奶白
  • American Ginseng Qi Invigorating Soup 花旗参补气炖汤
  • Quinoa Mixed Rice 藜麦饭

DINNER 25/1/2020

  • Handmade Meatball with Conpoy and Fat Choy 干贝发菜狮子头
  • Stri Fried Shanghai Green with Scallops 带子炒上海青
  • Sweet Corn Chicken Soup 玉米炖鸡汤
  • Double Boiled Bird Nest 燕窝
  • Tri Color Rice 三色饭

CNYDAY 2 大年初二

LUNCH 26/1/2020

  • Pork Trotters stewed with Peanuts and Lotus Root 花生莲藕焖猪手
  • Stir Fried Spinach with King Oyster Mushroom 白灵菇炒菠菜
  • Cordyceps Blossom Chicken Soup 虫草花炖鸡汤
  • Barley Millet Rice 薏米小米饭

DINNER 26/1/2020

  • Stewed Chicken with Abalone, Black Truffle and Chinese Mushroom 鲍鱼黑松露焖鸡
  • Pork Rib soup with Chinese Yam 山药排骨炖汤
  • Sweet Corn Chicken Soup 玉米炖鸡汤
  • Stewed Chayote with Lion’s Mane Mushroom 猴头菇焖佛手瓜
  • Brown Rice 糙米饭

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Limited Vacancies Only

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Service disruption on Christmas Day, New Year’s Day (1st January), Eve of Chinese New Year and First two days of Chinese New Year. There will only be delivery if you purchase our CNY package.
  2. Kindly note that there will be no meal delivery on the 24th, 25th, and 26th January 2020 if you do not book our CNY meal set. Instead, we will bring forward and extend the meal delivery for three more days after the actual period of your plan ends.
  3. For ordering of package, please complete the order form online via credit card.

Kindly noted that deposit is to be made by 3pm two days before delivery.

  1. Balance payment is to be made on the 1st day of delivery. Mode of payment can be either internet banking transfer or cheque. We reserve the right to terminate the service if payment is not paid on time.
  2. Deposit : Should customer decide to cancel the order, the deposit will be forfeited. The deposit cannot be offset against our other services. Once the order is cancelled, it cannot be re-instated.
  3. Service activation : Customer must contact us at 6727 5599 one day in advance, between 9am to 2pm.
  4. Meal cancellation : Customer must contact us at 6727 5599 one WORKING day in advance BEFORE 3PM to notify the cancellation of meal. All cancelled meals will be replaced and no cash refund is allowed.
  5. Last minute cancellation of meals will not be replaced and no cash refund is allowed.
  6. Only one promotional code can be used each time and therefore cannot be combined with other offers. E.g.: Early Bird Special , Other promotional codes etc.
  7. Service termination : Customer must contact us at 6727 5599 one WORKING day in advance BEFORE 3PM to notify the termination of service.
  8. Service downgrade : Each consumed and remaining meal will be charged @ $30 and an administrative fee of $50 will be imposed. The early bird discount will not be applicable.
  9. Service upgrade : Customer must top up the difference between the existing and new package price (without the early bird discount).
  10. Delivery time : Lunch will be delivered from 10am – 1pm and dinner, from 4 – 7 pm.
  11. No Delivery area : We do not deliver to Tuas and Sentosa area.
  12. This order reservation is only valid up to 4 weeks after the EDD. After which, it is deemed as void and cancelled.
  13. Menu may vary without prior notice due to unforeseen seasonal nature and market fluctuation on the ingredients.
  14. For CBD Area will have a change of $4 per-trip