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Commonly Asked Questions

Excessive blood loss and a woman’s “qi” may be drained during the child delivery process, leaving yourself vulnerable to falling sick and lacking in nutrients. Aside from being easily susceptible to common ailments like backaches, the weak condition of the body could also pose potential long-term health problems. Between taking care of the newborn and ensuring proper care for yourself, you may also experience fatigue and tiredness easily.

It is vital then to partake in a good nutritional diet during the confinement period with special dishes, tonics and soups formulated to improve your wellbeing and keep energy levels high. If you are breastfeeding, it will also help in the lactation process to produce a sufficient supply of breast milk.

Consume a well-balanced diet during confinement that is rich in vitamins, minerals and other nutritious benefits to replenish your health.

A nutritional confinement food menu may include:

  • A good balance of meat and vegetables
  • Foods rich in protein and iron such as pork and fish
  • Fruits such as papaya which is popular to help in boosting breast milk supply
  • Plants and mushrooms with medicinal properties like old ginger and black fungus

According to Chinese traditions, confinement soups and broths are beneficial in addition to your meals. Known for their blood nourishing and energising benefits, they are brewed from various combinations of common plants and herbs fundamental to traditional Chinese medicine.

Popular ingredients in herbal confinement soups include:

  • Chinese herbs like dried wolfberries and Chinese angelica root
  • Plants and beans like lotus roots and black beans

Aside from plain water, drinking dates tea or dried longan tea is highly recommended to help with water retention and alleviates “wind” in the body.

Unfortunately, we do not have vegetarian options available at the moment.

Tian Wei Signature menu consists mainly of traditional Chinese confinement food, with some fusion confinement food served during selected days to keep your confinement diet interesting. 

Having said that, if you prefer to only have traditional Chinese confinement food in your order, feel free to let us know in advance.

However, a fusion-food-only menu is not available, as the ingredients in traditional Chinese confinement food menu such as Chinese herbs, black vinegar, red fermented wine, and sesame oil will be the prime source of nutrients to help you recover faster and keep you energized.

You can view your detailed Tianwei confinement menu by entering your estimated delivery date (EDD) above and click “View Menu”. You will then be able to view every dish in your daily lunch and dinner sets. Each day’s menu has the date stated above for your easy reference.

If you have any food ingredients that you would not like to consume in your confinement meal menu, feel free to inform us in advance and we can prepare your meals based on your preference.