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Strengthen the body and energy, promoting digestion, and to strengthen the body immune system this soup is suitable for people who is physically weak and has loss of appetite.



Stimulate Circulation to end blood stasis, tonify liver and kidney, strengthens the muscles and bones, and the capability of removing rheumatism.



Essential ingredients of postpartum to prevent backache, helps to replenish and restore energy.



Strengthen the immune system,regulate secretion and helps on sleeps.



Nourishing and increase “Qi”, spleen and stomach, replenishing vital essence and beauty, enrich blood and nourishing the blood.



Nourishing the blood, increase black hair, tonify liver and kidney, and the capability of anti-aging.



Detoxifying and increase breastmilk, cure deficiency, reduce diuresis and swell.



Most important decoction that helps postpartum uterine contractions. The main role of it is to increase blood and promote blood circulations during postpartum, promotes secretion of milks, helps on painful uterine contractions, lochia discharge, and to prevent blood clots.


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Commonly Asked Questions

Yes, they are! We make sure to produce a lot of lactation-friendly food, including souls like our fenugreek green papaya herbal fish soup, we use a wide variety of herbs in our confinement soup and we would double boil the soups which help to boost the milk supply.

No, they are not repetitive. We serve various types of herbal soups, so there is very minimal repetition except for the fenugreek green papaya fish soup which will be served once a week as we found it to be one of the mommies’ favourites.

Yes, we do serve ‘Sheng Hua Tang’ or Sheng Hua Soup as a complimentary soup for the first two days meal for either lunch or dinner. For generations, confinement practitioners believe that this soup can greatly help moms in confinement. Its main role is to increase blood and promote blood circulations during postpartum, promotes secretion of milks, helps on painful uterine contractions, lochia discharge, and to prevent blood clots.

It is believed that Sheng Hua Tang is best consumed within 10 days after delivery. Each Sheng Hua Tang we serve is sufficient for two servings, so moms can have them a total of four times. Just consider it as taking your daily confinement herbal package!

Tian Wei Signature does not provide an individual confinement soup package. We are unable to serve only herbal soups as the confinement diet may not be proper or complete when they only take the herbal soups. No matter which confinement package you choose, all of our traditional meals come with herbal soups.

No, you do not have to, because we have an array of confinement herbal soup dishes. We serve these herbal soups in our confinement meal packages which provide sufficient nutrition for mummies. In addition, you will also not have to add in other ingredients because what our menu is already created based on TCM theories.

Tian Wei Signature provides a catering service of confinement soups and food with delivery in Singapore. With a diverse menu and carefully handpicked ingredients, we ensure an appetising selection of food that provides various health benefits for mothers.

Different types of medicinal and herbal ingredients are used in the postpartum diet, depending on their main properties and benefits for targeting specific concerns such as revitalising strength and boosting blood circulation.

Confinement is considered as a traditional practice for postpartum care and mothers after delivering their newborn baby. During the month immediately following childbirth, special care is given for them to avoid being prone to certain ailments and recuperate quickly from the exhausting process of the delivery.

As such, specially-tailored food like confinement soups and tonics can help accelerate the recovery process for a mother’s postpartum body that is said to be in a ‘weakened and cold’ state.

A nutritious confinement diet can ensure a newborn mum gets her daily intake of vitamins, proteins, and iron to restore the body’s immunity and health. A part of the traditional Chinese confinement diet is the element of having soups. While soups are great for keeping the body warm and aiding digestion, confinement soups can do a lot more for moms.

Confinement soups generally contain various confinement tonic herbs and essential ingredients that can escalate a postpartum mom’s recovery. This principle is also what we at Tian Wei Signature follows, so you can rest assured that your soups are all made with the purpose to provide you with maximum health benefits.

Originating from the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the herbal concoction of the confinement soup focuses on promoting “Qi”, nourishes the blood and replenishes energy lost during childbirth. Because the herbal ingredients used are rich in medicinal and healing properties, the confinement soup delivers an abundance of nutrients to help mothers recover post-delivery.

Our essential ingredients in confinement soups include:

  • Ganoderma lucidum (reishi mushroom) – improves quality of sleep and helps against insomnia or fatigue
  • Eucommia Bark – known for its ability to improve immune system and restore energy
  • Polygonum multiflorum (Fo-ti) – beneficial against premature graying of hair and prevent ageing effects
  • Ginseng – nourishes the blood and provides energy
  • Some of the confinement tonic soups that use these ingredients include are Pig Kidney Soup and Black Chicken Soup Singapore moms really love! With what we have, you never have to look up where to buy confinement herbs in Singapore anymore! While there is a lot of confinement herbs package you can get in the market, we make it easy for you to get all the sought after health benefits without you having to do extensive research on it.

Depending on the type of ingredients used, our confinement soups can help in:

  • Alleviating “wind” and keeps the body warm
  • Cleansing blood and improve blood circulation
  • Boosting energy levels and moods
  • Enhance breast milk production
  • Strengthening the immune system, limbs and joints

Not only does the herbal confinement soup replenishes essential nutrients, but it also aids in the expulsion of toxins and lochia discharge. Tian Wei Signature offers a nutritious selection of confinement soup, with packages starting from $448. Comprising of quality herbal ingredients, our menu includes the classic Sheng Hua Tang and Ganoderma Lucidum Stewed Chicken Soup.

The confinement soup package also comes with a complimentary red date tea, recommended for mothers to drink for its calming effects and replenishment of “Qi”. According to Chinese tradition, drinking too much plain water may cause abdominal swelling and water retention. As it is believed the mother’s body is easily susceptible to cold and chill, water may introduce “wind” to the body hence red date tea is an ideal choice.