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Confinement Fusion Cuisine Confinement Fusion Cuisine

Fusion Confinement Food


Fusion Confinement Food

A Tasty Surprise in Every Bite

In the third and fourth weeks, Japanese, Taiwanese and Mediterranean inspired dishes using traditional confinement ingredient would be added in the menu to spices up your confinement.

Commonly Asked Questions

  • Yes, they are suitable for confinement. In fact, the concept of confinement food varies from one group of people to another depending on their regions, so the Japanese also have their own local confinement foods. As a confinement food catering service provider, Tian Wei Signature incorporates the Japanese and Mediterranean dishes into our confinement meals to give moms more variety that they often seek.

    Still, without compromising the flavours, we also make sure to include the common traditional confinement ingredients so you could still get the same health benefits you would from traditional confinement foods. We also include lactation-boosting ingredients in our fusion food such as salmon and quinoa. Therefore, consuming fusion meals is definitely not a problem during your confinement period.

  • We serve a mixture of Japanese cuisine, Mediterranean cuisine, and western cuisines such as Seared Salmon with Cauliflower Cream, Chicken Chop with Chestnut in Mushroom Cream Sauce, and Coq Au Vin. You can also expect a serving of dessert with your fusion dish pack!

  • Tianwei Signature normally does not allow for the clients to opt for fusion meals only as we believe that traditional confinement meals are an important aspect of the confinement diet and thus should remain in a new mom’s diet. Many moms also find traditional meals to be more comforting and give off heaty properties, possibly due to the taste and ingredients used.

    Hence, we believe it would be best for you to have a combination of both traditional and fusion meals in your confinement meal package. This way, you won’t get bored with having a similar type of confinement food throughout your whole confinement period.

  • Yes, we use a lot of nutritious ingredients that can boost and increase milk supply. Some of them are quinoa, salmon, and barley.

  • All of our traditional meals come with herbal soups that have different health benefits and healing properties. As for fusion meals, we serve them with different kinds of desserts instead of herbal soups. Some of the moms’ favourite desserts are red bean puree with orange peel dessert and papaya white fungus dessert.

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