Just wanted to say thanks to Tian Wei Signature for feeding me so well this confinement.

Like many of the ladies, I picked Tian Wei because it offered a combination of traditional Chinese confinement foods and fusion cuisine as well, and both have been a hit in the household! So much so that my son often hijacks my dinner! Thank goodness the portions are large enough to share!

Another thing that I have to note as well, is the customer service. I’d receive a phone call everyday informing me when my food is at the door (thanks Charles, and the other lady whose name escapes me), because the delivery staff are too considerate to ring the doorbell for fear of waking a sleeping baby! And when I do catch the delivery staff at the door, they are always so friendly and would help pass me the thermal bag (when they had previously already hung it on my gate), and also help to close my gate for me. Small gestures, but these details are what distinguish good customer service from a great one. Well done, Tian Wei!