Can Food Affect C-Section Scars?

Scars After C-section

Are you a new mother who just gave birth through a C-section and is worried about her C-section scar? Or are you a pregnant woman scheduled for a C-section and wondering about the scar from the impending surgery? This blog will provide you with tips on how to use food to heal faster after C-section surgery and explore whether foods affect C-section scars. You can find baby products and postpartum products for your needs from MumChecked! Their products are of good quality at affordable rates.

Food for mothers after delivery is a very sensitive issue because so much information can be contrasted at times. Different people suggest different types of foods and advise abstaining from other types of food for mothers after delivery. Foods for mothers after delivery from C-section will be discussed in this blog. It is to be noticed that the healing process can be slow and painful after a C-section, but the right kinds of foods with nutrients can help you heal faster.

Foods That Can Help Heal Scars

You need foods rich in proteins, vitamin C, and iron to help heal your scar faster after a C-section. Among the foods rich in proteins are lentils, eggs, chicken and peas, whereas fruits such as oranges, strawberries etc. are rich in vitamin C. Foods such as red meat, green leafy vegetables andlentils are rich in iron and should be consumed on a daily basis along with vitamin C and protein-rich fruits. Limit processed foods because they do not contain the nutrition required to heal completely after C-section delivery.

Food for mothers after delivery includes adequate intake of fluids. Drinking enough water also reduces the chances of constipation and dehydration after delivery.

Other extra tips for C-section scars include the following:

Have Adequate Rest

All surgeries need time to heal. C-section is one other surgery from which your body needs to recover. To facilitate this healing process, get plenty of rest. You should always lie down and rest to improve your recovery.

Avoid much movement espeically during the first few weeks. Do not carry out heavy duties like laundering or lifting anything more substantial than your newborn baby. Let a nanny or a relative do that. Anything that weighs beyond 20 pounds is not fit to lift. Even frequently going up the stairs is not safe for you. You are a patient, even though you don’t feel sickly.

Care for The Healing Area

As the incision heals, always keep it dry. Avoid pools or hot tubs as you recover. Keeping it wet may cause infections.

Take Slow Walks

While you should avoid strenuous exercises, you should take gentle walks once in a while to increase blood circulation. This will prevent blood clots and constipation. You may also take your baby with you for a walk in a stroller if you’re able to.

Eat a Balanced Diet

After delivery, your energy reserve is depleted, and you need to boost it. In the case of a C-section, you are double weak. Eating a balanced diet is the only way out. You need vitamin C especially, for it aids in the production of collagen, which in turn helps to repair your damaged tissues. You must take whole grains, nuts, fruits, fluids, and vegetables. Do not consume much red meat, for it is inflammatory.

You can also subscribe to the confinement food in Singapore, a healthy Chinese diet designed to quicken the recovery of mothers. The confinement food in Singapore comes in various packages; you can choose the one that satisfies your dietary requirements and condition.

Avoid Sex Too Soon

Your libido may have gradually returned after weeks, but it is wise to make sure that you’re healthy to engage in sexual activities. Be patient until the doctor gives you the green light.

While food can help, it may not completely get rid of scars. Do not worry too much about scarring. Some mothers take pride in their C-Section scars, as it is a tough experience. Having said all of the above, the best advice we can give is to not worry too much about the scars and enjoy motherhood’s joy.