Can Food Affect C-Section Scars?

Are you a new mother who just gave birth through C-section and is worried about her C-section scar? Or are you a pregnant woman who is scheduled for a C-section and wondering about scar from the impending surgery? In this blog, will provide you with tips on how to use food to heal faster after C-section surgery and explore whether foods affect C-section scars. You can find baby products and postpartum products for your needs from MumChecked! Their products are of good quality with affordable rates.

Food for mothers after delivery is a very sensitive issue because there is so much information that can be contrasting at times. Different people suggest different types of foods and advise on abstaining from other types of food for mothers after delivery. Foods for mothers after delivery from C-section will be discussed in this blog. It is to be noticed that the healing process can be slow and painful after C-section but the right kinds of foods with nutrients can help you heal faster.

At first, your C-section scar may appear pinkish or reddish for a few months, but it will soon fade into a pale thin line which is at times not even noticeable as it is near your pubic line. Doctors take special care to make the scar low into the pubic line so that they are not as noticeable. In very rare cases, the scars are big and thicker as compared to normal C-section scars but it is different for every woman’s body.

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Foods That Can Help Heal Scars

To help heal your scar faster after C-section, you need to take foods which are rich in proteins, vitamin C and iron. Among the foods rich in proteins are lentils, eggs, chicken and peas whereas fruits such as oranges, strawberries etc. are rich in vitamin C. Foods such as red meat, fruits and lentils are rich iron and should be consumed on a daily basis along with vitamin C and protein-rich fruits. The right diet food for mothers after delivery can help you heal faster after C-section and in turn also help reduce the appearance of C-section scars. Limit the use of processed foods because they do not contain the nutrition required to heal completely after C-section delivery.

Food for mothers after delivery includes a large intake of fluids which are very crucial to aid with the process of healing C-section scars. Drinking enough water also reduces the chances of constipation and dehydration after delivery.

However, if the scar does not seem to be healing. then you can ask your doctor to prescribe a cream for it. But be careful and do not try creams on your own because some of them can be irritating for the scars and cause infections. Also if you are nursing your baby, some creams with ingredients such as Retinol can be dangerous for the baby. You can check out MumChecked for some good quality and affordable postpartum products. 

While food can help, it may not completely get rid of scars. Do not worry too much about scarring. In fact, some mothers take pride in their C-Section scars as it is a tough experience to go through. Having said all of the above, the best advice we can give is to not worry too much about the scars and enjoy the joy that motherhood has to offer.