Can Chicken Be Consumed After C-Section Delivery?


Can Chicken Be Consumed After C-Section Delivery

Upon reading that title, some of you might be thinking “Of course you can eat chicken after C section, why wouldn’t you be able to?” meanwhile some others would be all “ to avoid” and the rest are possibly wondering why is this even a topic of discussion. No matter which one is you, especially if you’ve wondered at least once before “Can I eat chicken after C-section delivery”, you’ll certainly learn something new today!

So, why are there mothers who are wary about eating chicken after delivery, be it vaginal birth or C-section delivery? 

Back in the olden days, meal preparation is not as easy and  Therefore, at the end of the day, the answer lies in the word ‘belief’. The belief that chicken and egg could compromise wound healing, which, might be relevant is you are going to be consuming or handling raw poultry. 

Not to mention, while you can eat chicken, the way they are prepared for serving still matters. Even if you are in the first group of people who are advocating h having chicken deep-fried KFC 

Hence, over the years, there have been debates on whether chicken was safe for consumption after C-Section deliveries for confinement mothers. There are others, who then believe that chicken must be consumed to speed up the recovery process as it is a good source of protein for confinement meals

The recovery period after a C-Section delivery is an important and crucial time. It is important that during this period, your bodies receive sufficient nutrition especially if you are breastfeeding your child during confinement.

Here are top 3 reasons why chicken is absolutely safe to be consumed for C-Section mothers:

1. Medical practitioners say whole foods can help you!

Medical practitioners say whole foods can help you

Chicken = whole food. Whole foods = always, always on the top tier in the list of foods that are good for your health! So, why would you purposely refuse to have this delicious meat in your everyday meals? 

During the recovery process of surgeries and C-section, mothers should try to consume food with high nutrition in order to allow their bodies to absorb the necessary nutrients it needs to recover. 

Whenever possible, it is advisable to consume whole foods rather than processed foods. For example, chicken is often used to prepare broths, herbal soups, and even dishes for patients who have undergone surgery or after childbirth. Just take a look at hospital foods – almost all of them will serve chicken dishes – which should tell you a lot.

As a matter of fact, chicken is very much highly-recommended by the doctors, nutritionists, dietitians – you name it! Not one professional expert will advise against eating chicken unless you will have allergic reactions or anything like it towards chicken. 

2. Protein is an important nutrient source

As we all know, chicken is rich in protein. Protein is one of the most essential nutrients one will need not only on a daily basis, but especially after undergoing certain surgical procedures as well as childbirth. 

Protein will help your bodies to repair and build stronger tissues. Therefore, C-section mothers are often advised to consume more protein like chicken which can speed up their recovery process after childbirth by their doctors. Not to mention, lean poultry can be consumed in reasonable amounts as a source of protein to help reduce inflammation.

One of the most popular chicken dishes for mothers in confinement is the herbal black chicken soup. Seriously, just look up black chicken soup benefits. Apart from being rich in antioxidants, it is low in cholesterol, thus promoting good heart health – and all these on top of being a good source of vitamin B and vitamin E. 

3. Reduce consumption of Red Meat

Red Meat

Before anyone thinks we are saying the red meat is bad, we’re not. In fact, just like chicken, red meat also contains protein! As we’ve talked earlier, protein is great for repairing and building muscles. 

Red meat also supplies vitamin B12 which assist in the production of DNA as well as keeping nerves and red blood cells healthy. Its high iron content helps in the circulation of blood and reduces the risk of anaemia. Furthermore, it also has niacin, vitamin B6, and zinc. Therefore, it is especially good to be eaten after a procedure like childbirth itself. 

It is, however, advisable not to consume too much of red meat because of its high levels of saturated fat and higher possibility in causing constipation during confinement. As new mothers, constipation can be especially tough to deal with because your womb is still fragile and you should not be putting too much pressure on your abdomen. It is advisable to take chicken, pork or turkey meat, instead of red meat.

In conclusion, everything should be consumed in moderation. If you are unsure of the exact amount to consume, try confinement meals catering that has all the meals planned specially for confinement mothers. You can also try for herbal soup delivery Singapore moms always opt for, but caterers like us already include herbal soups in our meals so we’ve got that taken care of!
At Tian Wei Signature, for instance, we are guided by our very own in-house dietitian so you know that whatever is served to you are the best for your body recovery! Do remember to check for balanced diet meal plans like this Confinement Food Caterer, so that the meal plans spread out consumption of lean poultry during your confinement period.

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