First-Time Mom Shares Tips on Postpartum Recovery and Confinement Planning ft. Kai Ting Cheng

First-Time Mom Shares Tips on Postpartum Recovery and Confinement Planning ft. Kai Ting Cheng - Tian Wei Signature (1)

We have a special guest for this week’s blog — let’s welcome mommy Kai Ting! She is one of the lovely mommies who trusted Tian Wei Signature to take care of her daily meals during the confinement month, and we are excited to have her share more about her motherhood experience as a first-time mom, as well as her thoughts and tips on confinement food and confinement planning!

Without further ado, let’s look at what mommy Kai Ting has to share about her motherhood and confinement journey!

1. To help our mommy readers know you better, please share a bit about yourself! 

Hello! I am Kaiting and I’m a first-time mum to my 6mo baby boy. I’m a real estate salesperson so my work timing is flexible and thus I’m baby’s main caregiver. Being a first-time mum means everything is new and it’s not easy but it’s definitely rewarding watching my son grow up. 

2. Being a first-time mom is definitely a huge shift in life that comes with a lot of worries. Stepping into motherhood, what were some of the biggest concerns you have, and how did you cope with it?

I had a lot of worries about my recovery, and how I was going to take care of a newborn baby with no experience at all! Also, I was worrying if I’ll be able to recover properly during confinement as I’ve heard that it’s the most important time for a mother’s body to recuperate and that I really have to take good care to make sure my body was able to stay healthy and well in the future when I grow old. Caring for a newborn baby with minimal rest was also one of my main concern, and that’s why I hired a confinement nanny for my first 6 weeks! I also know that confinement meals also act as a preventive measure against possible ailments and health problems in the long run, thus I made sure to have my confinement meals from Tian Wei Signature ordered in advance as well.

3. Confinement food is a significant part of the Chinese confinement practice, and it is getting more interesting over the years as we see more variety in terms of cooking style and taste. What was your approach to confinement food, were you more on the traditional or modern side, and how did you find a balance between the two?

I’m generally not a picky eater, so I was open to both traditional and modern food. But then again, eating the same kind of food for one whole month can get very boring! Thus I’m glad that I have Tian Wei Signature with me during my confinement, because they really provided me with a variety of food to keep me looking forward to each meal. Plus, I love their fusion dishes! It’s always good to see spaghetti or udon after having rice for a while, don’t you think? 

4. Do you find any food/beverages particularly helpful to you during your postpartum stage, whether in terms of wound recovery or breastfeeding? 

Hmm I feel the nutritious dishes from Tian Wei Signature really aided in my breastfeeding journey. My milk supply kicked in around day 3 postpartum and it was really not easy dealing with engorgement and a miserable milk supply that was insufficient for baby. After a few weeks having Tian Wei Signature’s nutritious meals, my milk supply improved and my breastfeeding journey thus became less stressful as I could finally provide enough for my baby.

5. What is your favourite dish from Tian Wei Signature, and what do you like about the dish?

I really love the Braised Pork Trotter in Black Vinegar! The pork is super soft and the sauce is so yummy, goes really well with rice. Black vinegar is also good as it can help purify the blood and cleanse arteries! It’s so good that I really don’t mind having this few days in a row…haha! 

First-Time Mom Shares Tips on Postpartum Recovery and Confinement Planning ft. Kai Ting Cheng - Tian Wei Signature

6. What tips or advice do you have for first-time mothers who may be clueless about confinement planning?

I really believe that it’s important to make sure we are well-cared for during confinement, because it’s the essential period where our body recuperates from literally making a human being! As much as pregnancy and giving birth is a magical thing, making sure our bodies recover well is important as well. My advice will be to do your research on what is needed during confinement, and plan your meals to make sure your body will be taking in the right nutrients during this important period. Stick to some “rules” so that you’ll have a better time with your body in the future, why not? Better be safe than sorry : )

To mommy Kai Ting, thank you for trusting Tian Wei Signature, we are very glad to have the opportunity to support you during confinement with our service! And thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and experience with us.

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