Tips to Tone up Your Post-Baby Belly

Post-Baby Belly

Do you still look pregnant after giving birth? Don’t worry, most mothers do! You tummy has stretched out a lot to house your newborn, so it is natural that it takes some time before it goes back to pre-pregnancy state.

Plus, most women retain their baby bump even after delivery. Trying to get back in shape immediately after can take a toll on you. Even if you are really ready to start your journey of losing that post-baby belly, you have to start slowly and you definitely cannot be too hard on yourself. So, how to lose postpartum belly?

With the right methods, you can get back to your old size in a few months. You may want to engage in regular exercise, but your condition may restrict you. Therefore, you need to seek alternative ways of ensuring you do not gain excess weight or a sagging belly.

Your tummy had carried some weight for nine months. You should not expect it to get back to its old shape immediately after delivery. It is a process that needs effort. You need to pay particular attention to the responsiveness of the activities you are engaged in. Here are some remedies for a protruding belly. Eating the best confinement food will not solve all your problems, but it certainly will help keep your body healthy for all these great activities.


The relationship between you and your baby is symbiotic. While you are breastfeeding, the newborn receives essential nutrients for growth and development as you lose a few kilos. Lactation gets rid of some kilos from your body. You can burn up to 500 calories a day through breastfeeding. At times, this may be the only thing you need to do, and within the six months of pure lactation, you are back to normal. Some women have lost several pounds without going to the gym or exercising purely from breastfeeding alone.

Light Exercises

Light Exercises

If you feel fit, you can start by practising some confinement exercise. Keep in mind that you should only engage in any postpartum exercise to reduce tummy after consulting your physician, and they give you the go-ahead. If you had a C-section, however, he may not allow you to participate in any vigorous activities. Therefore, you should wait several days if you had undergone a surgical delivery. 

In some cultures, nursing mothers are not allowed to engage in any physical exercises. Under such circumstances, you can take strolls with your partner that will help you to burn down some calories.


Do not just eat — but eat well. After delivery, you are supposed to observe your diet to keep you and the baby healthy. You should drink plenty of water and eat more fibre and proteins. Water and fibre keep you fuller and reduces the temptation of snacking every now and then. 

Reduce the amount of starch you are consuming because most times you are not active. Your body will then burn out the fats in your body to provide the energy required. You should have many light meals rather than the conventional three heavy meals where you may consume excess calories. It is advisable to stick to natural Chinese confinement food rather than artificial diets and supplements.

Have Enough Sleep

Sleep Better

Your cravings are always with you. Therefore, taking a nap reduces your metabolism and energy requirements. You will not need a lot of calories when asleep. Suppressed sleep strains your body, and you might be forced to consume a lot of starch to put up with the body’s needs. Limited sleep can lead to building up of toxins which cause inflammation. Consequently, constant inflammation moves fat receptors to the central region. Fat accumulates around the belly due to the receptors.

Relieve Stress

It is not always easy to put up with the demands of a newborn without feeling strained. This new life may take a toll on you, considering the irregular sleeping patterns and constant crying, especially if you are a first-time mom. You can try meditation to help suppress your stress. Alternatively, always seek help from your spouse to assist you throughout your confinement so you could take a quick break from your newborn.

Losing belly fat requires a lot of effort and discipline, but it is not something you are obliged to achieve – unless you are advised to by a professional health expert due to any health risks. All in all, the key is to be consistent in your activities for the best result. 

You can also consult other women on ways they have used to lose the extra kilos. However, do not use a remedy before consulting a doctor. If you have had complications during delivery, you need to be careful about the activities you choose. The most important thing is to not overdo it and to be easy on yourself. After all, you deserve a break too.