Are Tian Wei Signature’s fusion food suitable for confinement?

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Confinement comes with a great deal of superstitions, traditional beliefs, restrictions, and oftentimes, confusion. In that journey, we at Tian Wei Signature, wish to provide you with the certainty of one aspect – confinement food. Aside from traditional Chinese dishes and herbal soups, we offer a variety of fusion cuisines such as fusion Japanese and Mediterranean confinement dishes. For those who are new to them, you may feel a little unsure if you can actually have them during confinement and may have many questions.

And so we are here to answer some of your pressing questions.

1. Is your Japanese/ Mediterranean food suitable for confinement?

Absolutely! Dishes created in these styles have been carefully reviewed by our dietitian and chef, and they have made sure to include nutritious ingredients that help with recovery and breastfeeding. Although made in different cuisines, dishes are prepared with traditionally used ingredients to bring out the best confinement food and nutrition while keeping it interesting. Who said confinement food had to be boring?

2. Is Tian Wei Signature’s fusion food suitable for mummies who have just gone through childbirth?

Our dishes are a mixture of traditional food and fusion food that use ingredients that aid in recovery and breastfeeding. Our chef and dietitian understand the importance of nutrition and how important certain ingredients are, so everything that goes into each of our dishes are carefully reviewed by both of them to ensure the food is nourishing and balanced.

3. What ingredients exactly do you use in Mediterranean and Japanese dishes?

Our fusion dishes are simply cooked in a different style of cooking, i.e. Mediterranean and Japanese. We believe the best confinement food is not limited to any cuisine, but the secret lies in the ingredients. Hence, the ingredients sourced for our food are still those that are traditionally used in local confinement food as they are fantastic for confinement recovery and breastfeeding. Our chef and dietitian select and present them in a scrumptious yet nutritious manner.

For instance, one of our Japanese dishes, Goma-ae Grilled Chicken, is high in Vitamin C to promote wound healing, and help you absorb iron better to build healthy red blood cells, among many other benefits. Furthermore, this dish contains magnesium, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12 to benefit not only the mother, but also her newborn through breast milk.

As for a Mediterranean dish, let us introduce the Seared Salmon with Cauliflower Cream and Tri Colour Grains. One of our popular options, it features salmon which is an amazing source of omega-3, protein, and essential minerals, and cherry tomatoes that are high in vitamin C which promotes wound healing for the mother and the growth of collagen, skin, bones, and teeth for the nursing baby.

4. Will I get the same nourishment with your fusion food?

Yes, you will! Nourishment comes from the ingredients – that is the answer to better recovery for mummies and higher quality breast milk for babies. Although we do use traditionally preferred ingredients in the dishes, we incorporate some other ingredients that do not particularly fall under the traditional category but are nutritious and superb additions, such as salmon, broccoli, and cherry tomatoes.

5. How do I know if your fusion food is suitable for me?

The best way to know is to try it for yourself. But if you’re wary, a little research goes a long way. And one of the best ways would be to read through our confinement food Singapore review to know what our past customers have to say about our food and services.

Or you can opt for one of our 2 trial meal sets:-

  • Signature Trial for 3 bite-sized fusion dishes and 3 bite-sized traditional dishes along with a rice, soup, dessert and drink, or
  • Normal Trial for the meal that is being served on the delivery day itself, which would either be a traditional or a fusion meal.

And if you have food allergies or do not consume certain ingredients, you can always look through our menu to find out what dishes we offer every week, and then inform us and we will leave out those ingredients. However, if there are no concerns of food allergies, we do recommend you consume each dish as a whole as the ingredients have been specially selected to bring you nourishment for your recovery and breastfeeding journey.

Now that you’re clear on our confinement fusion food, your next step might just be to sign up for our package. Don’t worry, we offer one of the best confinement food delivery Singapore where lunch will be delivered between 10a.m. to 1p.m., and dinner will be delivered between 4p.m. to 7p.m. So what are you waiting for? Book your confinement meals now!

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