Top 5 Recommended Nourishing Foods for New Mothers

Mothers, your body is magical. It can grow a healthy baby inside and continue to single-handedly feed and sustain them for months after they are born. You become their sole source of nutrition and food even from pregnancy.

When you are pregnant, your unborn child takes nutrients from your system. Whatever the baby needs, no matter how little it is in your body, she will take it all. If you do not keep yourself well-fed during and after your pregnancy, you will look weak and emaciated. Your body will not have the energy to carry out your duties. The pregnancy journey can leave your body drained and always fatigued.

Your baby will depend on you during her first months of life to build strong immunity and for essential nutrients. Since you lost lots of blood while giving birth, you too require adequate care to regain your health and help your body to recover from the tears of childbirth. It may be difficult for you to prepare those nutritious meals especially if you all alone.

You may be tempted to snack and forget about making meals and doing the dishes. It is quite understandable to feel that way. All you want is to spare all the time you have for your baby and rest, rightfully so. Indeed, you need to recover all the energy you used up throughout pregnancy and childbirth and the first step to do it is by getting enough rest. 

If that’s the case, you can make your orders from confinement food catering service providers. Tian Wei Signature, for instance, provides a wide variety of Chinese postpartum meals and fusion confinement foods to make your confinement a lot more interesting.

Of course, there are many who like to take matters into their own hands. For you who are like this, here is a list of foods you can consider to add into your confinement food!


Did you know that the liver is a superfood for new mothers? It has natural multivitamin and is a great source of protein. It also has easily absorbed iron and high amounts of vitamins such as B, C, A D and E, which is important as you have to replenish the iron you lost during childbirth. 

As a new mother, you require vitamins and proteins for reparation of body tissues. You also require adequate iron to help build haemoglobin. Otherwise, you risk getting anaemia. The liver is also known to contain EPA and DHA fatty acids that are essential for the baby’s brain development. Take a serving of liver once a week. Have it prepared with carbohydrate and complete it with a generous serving of fruits and fresh salad.


This incredible superfood has been used by many societies since it contains abundant nutrients such as vitamin E B6 and high amounts of folate. Combine the quinoa with chicken, and you have a highly nutritious meal. Remind your confinement nanny to make Chinese confinement food such as chicken with garlic, ginger and red pepper. The meal will help you fight any forms of constipation and ease your digestive system.

Shrimp and Oats With Miso

Every new mom should eat this delicious meal. Packed with loads of vitamins and nutrients, this meal will help moms regain their health and boost milk production. Not only will you promote a healthy gut, you will enjoy the benefits of probiotics. Did you know that miso is a high antioxidant and will help get rid of all toxins from the system and cleanse your blood? It will help lower cholesterol levels and promote rebuilding of high-quality blood.

Beetroot Salad

Give your system a break by enjoying a well-prepared plate of beetroots salad. Using cheese and apple cider vinegar when preparing this salad will be sure to make it tasty. Apart from the nutrients you could obtain, salad is also a good counter to inflammations.

Chicken Soup

To boost milk production, every mother needs adequate fluids. Drinking red dates tea are encouraged throughout the day and night. The good news is, you can also increase your fluid intake through soups! And for that, we recommend none other than the much-loved chicken soup.

Chicken soup is a highly nutritious dish for you during your recovery period. Yes, it will definitely keep you warm which is why chicken soup after delivery makes a great addiction in your confinement meals. With chicken soup, your baby will have sufficient milk for growth.

Pamper yourself with these highly nutritious dishes as you recover from childbirth. Create a menu with your nanny and enjoy deep nourishment during your recovery period. If you are bored, you can alternate them and enjoy the array of health benefits.

If you wonder about the kinds of confinement meals SG moms normally opt for, you’ll be surprised to know that they are served with huge varieties! Don’t believe us? Just have a quick look into our menu!

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