Natural Herbs and Spices To Make Delicious Confinement Food

Whether you are pregnant or have just given birth, we’d like to congratulate you and your family for such a major life event! What an exciting journey — you are welcoming the arrival of your little one, who is now possibly the most important person in your life. But wait…there’s somebody else you might be neglecting at this point; yourself!

The first 30 days after delivery are crucial for every new mother in Singapore. Everything that you eat or engage in determines your health in future and your body’s ability to recuperate quickly. If you are like many new mothers in Singapore, you may plan to stick to a strict confinement diet consisting of heating foods and herbal soups to restore your strength and blood levels back to normal and protect yourself from future ailments such as rheumatic arthritis.

Some mothers usually develop an intense distaste for confinement foods which fuels the need to add some natural herbs to give them a delicious taste. Below are some of the commonly used herbs for confinement in confinement soup and dishes.

  1. Ginger

Among many Chinese herbs for confinement, ginger is an especially common root in most traditional confinement dishes and soups due to its heaty properties and its delicious taste. A mother’s body retains some wind during childbirth that would lead to rheumatism or body pains in future if not dispelled from the body. Adding ginger in your food removes all the wind from the body and lowers the chances of catching musculoskeletal disorders. However, you should moderate your ginger intake especially if your child has jaundice to avoid worsening the condition.

  1. Black Fungus

A new mother has to remove all the dirt left in her body, and black fungus will help her achieve that. The herb is also rich in iron, which aids in the removal of any dirty blood and other waste in the body leaving your blood free of toxins. This promotes proper blood circulation in the body leading to healthier and functional organs. You can use black fungus with chicken to prepare confinement soup or add it in your dishes for its nutritional value.

  1. Red Dates & Black Dates

Dates are not herbs, but you will find them in most Chinese herb shops due to their heating properties. Chinese dates combined with dried longan are nutritious drinks used in place of water. New mothers tend to retain a lot of water in the body and dates will always help reduce water retained in the body. Black dates are also popular tonics for the spleen, stomach, and pancreas while red dates will replenish vital energy and improve circulation in the body.

  1. Turmeric

Turmeric will not only add an attractive colour to your food but will also aid in the fast healing of postnatal wounds. It is also rich in minerals such as potassium and magnesium as well as vitamin C and B6 which are essential for the proper functioning of the body. The herb also contains curcumin, which lowers the risks of catching osteoarthritis and improves incidences of post-partum depression.

  1. Fennel Seeds

This is a common seed in the preparation of confinement foods. They are popular galactagogues, making them ideal for a mother who is breastfeeding for the first time. However, you should keep your fennel seeds at a minimum since high intake may affect breast milk production. The spices also contain high levels of fibre and antioxidants that will help ease your baby’s stomach problems. The vitamins and minerals found in fennel seeds will also help restore the blood lost during childbirth.

Herbs and spices are not only good at making the food taste delicious but are also rich in nutrients that you as a new mother would require to restore your healthy body condition. If you are not a fan of how certain foods taste, you can consider adding herbs into your dishes. You just have to figure out which suitable herbs fit your preference the most.

That said, we at Tian Wei also allow customisation to a certain extent to our confinement meals that cater to every mother according to their needs and preferences. The benefits of each herb were taken into consideration as each of these herbs plays a significant role in restoring a new mother’s body. 

All in all, moderation is still key. It would be important to balance your consumption instead of relying on very few or too much of them. Not sure what other herbs would be excellent for a mother recovering from childbirth? We’ve got you covered! We include various herbs not only in our confinement herbal food and soups but also drinks!

Every meal will be accompanied by 1 litre of red dates tea to ensure sufficient liquid intake as well as boosting your blood circulation. Plus, you will be served with complimentary Sheng Hua Tang for the first few days! When planning your daily confinement meals, healing and nourishing remain our two main focus.

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