The 7 Benefits of Booking a Confinement Food Delivery Service

7 Benefits of Booking A Confinement Food Delivery Service

Chinese traditional confinement practices are unique in that they have rules governing almost every aspect of life. After a woman gives birth, many taboos also extend to the Chinese confinement diet and are thought to prevent her from catching ‘wind’.

There are many foods that a mother is forbidden from eating as they’re considered ‘cold’, while ‘warm’ foods like ginger and some wine are highly encouraged.

Many things will need your attention if you’re a mother undergoing confinement. This is on top of having to heal and recover from the birthing process. 

Preparing your food during this time can be inconvenient and time-consuming. In the past, many mothers had the help of a family member to cook for them, but these days, you can book a confinement food delivery service (sometimes called confinement food tingkat service). Here are some of the reasons you should consider having your confinement food delivered:

1. Having a Balanced Diet

A balanced diet is absolutely necessary for mothers who are recovering and healing. This means that your diet has to have all the elements in the food pyramid, beginning with carbohydrates from grains, fruits and vegetables, proteins, and a few oils and fats. 

At Tian Wei Signature, you can be assured of a balanced diet with all the important nutrients included in each meal. This is because we work closely with a professional in-house dietitian that reviews every menu carefully to ensure that mothers get the best. 

Additionally, the way the food is prepared and cooked is also important. Whole foods prepared so there is no nutrient loss are the best food to consume during your confinement.

2. Promotes Lactation

A well-planned confinement diet helps a mother’s body to produce enough milk for her child. Although milk production depends on many factors, you can help optimise breastmilk by the foods you consume while breastfeeding. 

Lactation-producing foods have traditionally been used to promote lactation in many cultures. These traditional lactogenic ingredients have also been incorporated into Tian Wei Signature’s confinement menu, including fenugreek, green papaya, garlic and ginger. 

On top of traditional elements, protein is also important as a part of the nutrients in a mother’s milk. These foods include tofu, eggs, lean meat, beans, nuts and seeds.

The meals are carefully designed to suit the needs of the newborn’s mother, such as including papaya fish soup and steamed okra with conpoy in our meals to boost the quality and quantity of the mother’s breast milk.

Nursing moms are more prone to experiencing thirst, fatigue, and dehydration since they supply milk to babies and use a lot of energy for it. Understanding the importance of liquid intake, we include about 1 Litre of fluids from red dates tea and nourishing soups at every meal. 

3. Convenient and Saves Time

Caring for a newborn can take up a lot of effort and a lot of attention. This includes feeding your child every couple of hours and changing them too. With the convenience of delivering door-to-door confinement meals with a well-designed menu at a wallet-friendly price, confinement meal delivery is a popular option for newborn mummies and daddies.

Having a hot meal ready for you when the mealtimes come along will be a relief and convenience. This is because you won’t have to focus on meal prep in between your tasks as a mother. 

Having meals delivered to you allows you to have more time and rest adequately. Resting is important during recovery, whether you’ve given birth via vaginal delivery or cesarean section.

The booking process is made easy as well as you could place it over the phone or just with one click on our website! After your meal, our customer service will reach you to know how you feel about our meals so far and if you would like anything to change. 

4. Promotes Healing and Recovery

In order for your body to recover from the birth of a baby, the immune system must function at its best. This means having balanced and nourishing meals are important

Some nutrients that can help your immune system include Vitamin C, D, Zinc, Iron, Folate and protein. With a professional dietitian, you can enjoy a meal that provides these nutrients to optimise your recovery speed. 

In addition, your body will be readjusting its hormone levels to its pre-pregnancy state, so you must ensure your body has the nutrients it needs to replenish and recover well. Eating meals that are balanced with adequate protein fluid intake,, healthy fats and vegetables will help to support this.

5. Cost-Saving Option

Pregnancy and expecting your baby can already cost you quite a fortune. At this point, most parents would want to save up and only spend on important things — and your postnatal care should be one of them!

Although confinement nanny is another popular option, customer nowadays is more willing to have the confinement meal delivery service as a more budget-friendly option. A confinement Nanny will usually cost around $3000 for 28 days. The same duration confinement food delivery service for both lunch and dinner will take around $2000 from the budget.

6. Variety

Who wants to eat the same kind of meal from Monday to Sunday? We all want to enjoy different types of cuisines without having to step outside.

Furthermore, as a new mom, your body requires different types of meals to expose your baby to a wide variety of foods. Remember, your baby will take what you consume. Incorporating all the different allergenic foods into your meals even during confinement is important. It helps to continue exposing these foods to your baby through the breast milk which will help your baby’s immune system to build tolerance and lower their risk of developing food allergies. Some allergenic foods are fish, seafood, peanut, tree nuts, soy, wheat, dairy and eggs.  

As a postpartum food delivery service, we ensure each meal has its staple, meat dish, vegetables, and about 500ml of red dates tea! We incorporate different allergenic food ingredients throughout the menu as well. With over 90 meat dishes and over 40 soups, you can look forward to exciting confinement!

7. Less Stress and More Time For Your Baby

Your confinement period shouldn’t just be about recovering but also about building a bond with your newborn baby. Sometimes, this is easier said than done, especially if you must run through all the daily tasks caring for your child and yourself. 

You can check off one more thing to worry about when you book a confinement meal delivery service. If you don’t have to worry about your meals, you will have more time to focus on your child and your own needs too. 

Bonding with your baby by spending time with them at this point will contribute greatly to your mental health and your newborn’s development. 

Why Tian Wei Signature’s Meals Stand Out

Tian Wei Signature’s Meals

Apart from being guided by a professional dietitian and contributing to your recovery and breast milk production, we also have many outstanding features to make your confinement food experience more interesting and enjoyable. Here are some of them:

  • You’ll be able to opt out of certain ingredients from your menu when you book
  • Enjoy a large variety of over 90 dishes with minimal repetition over the period of your booking
  • Eat a fusion menu with dishes from Japanese, Taiwanese and Mediterranean culture
  • Have your lunch and dinner delivered separately in order to ensure their freshness and to keep them warm
  • Meals will be delivered daily to your doorstep in thermal flasks (for soups) and biodegradable containers, all enclosed in a thermal bag to maintain warmth 
  • Daily nourishing herbal soups to promote postpartum recovery
  • Loved and trusted by many mothers in their confinement, food delivery reviews left on our social media pages 

Food is a great way to lift your mood and spirits during confinement. That’s why it’s important to have nutritious and delicious meals. Tian Wei Signature has been praised in many confinement food delivery review left by our previous customers. 

Many have enjoyed our food for its generous portions and timely delivery. You can now enjoy it when you contact us to book your confinement meal service.